Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Sexual Key to the Tarot: XIII DEATH

The Death card signifies change, transformation, and passage from lower to higher.  The Mystic Rose emblazoned on the banner signifies ever-blossoming vaginas, and the sun, between two phallic symbols, represents ever-rising phalli, so, mystically, the Death card does not predict doom.  It does, however, predict an end to something.

The Death nature is a ''changer.''  The change may be welcomed or unwelcomed.  A welcomed lover or a rapist.  Death signifies the gamut of sexual perversions in that the card denotes the inevitability of change, whether desired or not.  therefore, the Death nature may very well be a sexaully perverted person.  change or transformation, however, does not always occur in a perverted manner.  It may also occur as a matter of growth.

The virgin who knows full well that she shall not be a virgin forever, can, by the upturning of the Death card, prepare herself for the object of her desires, or, should she prefer, she can be forewarned by the Death card and postpone the loss of her virginity.

The Death card is as often good as bad, for whereas it may foretell the cessation of some supposed sexual happiness in one reading, it may foretell the cessation of sexual despair in another.  The frustrated female, despairing for lack of sexual intercourse, may realize renewed hope of deliverance from the bonds of chastity by the presence of the Death card.

In a sexual reading we'll see an End, a Finish, great change in sexual atmosphere; transformation of sexual expression, from lower to higher; the conclusion of part of one's sex life will make way for new vistas of sensual pleasure ; a new sexual venture; death of sexual selfishness; death of masturbation and the birth of sexual activity; new and vigorous sexual organs imminent; faced with a door to new ecstasy; energetic trends of libido.

The free will of man is demonstrated in a further rendering of the Death card.  A person who faithfully and diligently seeks change may find this card in a spread as ''an answer to prayer.'' In such a card's message is: Change your thoughts and you change your life.

--excerpted from ''The Sexual Key to the Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence

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