Friday, September 16, 2011

Sexual Key To The Tarot: KING OF CUPS

If this man shows up in your sexual spread, this shows a partner that is completely at your disposal.  He will do what is asked.  Here we see creative wet sexuality, oral sex and an esthetic phallus.

The king's likes are church going women, spiritual women and he may be a business man, law man, or doctor.

Reversed we'll see the moodshifting side of this king.  As nice as he was, this charm can turn into plain deception.  A liar and seducer, a person who will use extortion for sexual favors.  A player who will pretend to be in love just to get what he wants. We'll see scandal, loss of virginity, or impotence.


Anonymous said...

Berriro is into the Aegean with Bunn, Ross, Ball, Coles.
And all his connections with Toronto and MP are proving this.
Ted turns to save what he can with Ruoert and Rove but everyone is sinking faster than the Titanic unless they were quick with deals.

Anonymous said...

What is ECOLA?
Explosives with ACE?
Oklahoma has a logbook and so does Vermont and it's all about El Salvador?
" SS" is taking the " rap" for every " T" room they have leaked to the Feds.
And mob- Nevada, is helping hit " global" , so there goes

Anonymous said...

California is the one putting the ads in for Seals?
And Osiris?
Is this STLECA?
Reid and Duke and University of California are talking San Francisco.
That is " Daniel Handler"?

Anonymous said...

The bee is REDPATH.

Shannon Rae said...

WTF? Are spies using my blog to communicate to each other using google translate?