Friday, September 16, 2011

Sexual Key To The Tarot: FOUR OF CUPS

Ahhh, boredom.  Here we'll see sexual weariness, disgust with copulating organs; imaginary sexual vexations; sexual discontent; boredom with orgasms; sex for sex's sake gets boring; disgust with demanding sexual desire; impatience with voracious sexual partners and rapacious genitals; bitter coital experiences; also, desire to find new sexual happiness, refreshing sexual experiences and titillating sex mates.

Reversed we'll get new sexual experiences, exploratory sex, sexual initiation; sexual novelty; new erotic instructions; also excesses and fatigue; bad health due to overindulgence in drinking, partying and sexing!

-excerpted from Theodor Laurence's ''The Sexual Key to the Tarot''

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