Friday, September 16, 2011

Sexual Key To The Tarot: 3 OF CUPS

Upright this is an image of extreme pleasure of the senses; sexual plenty; orgasmic fulfillment; sensual solace; victory over obstacles to sexual joy and victory over reluctant sexual partners.  Sexual intercourse concluded in powerful orgasm; therapeutic climaxes; effulgent vaginas; adamantine penises; sexual gaiety happiness; over abundance.  Orgies.  A party will end in sex.

Reversed we'll see sexual excess; rut; estrus; hypersexuality; intoxication; depravity; riotous sexual practices; unnatural lusts; insatiableness; sex for the sake or orgasm and self-pleasure; also, corollary impotence, delays, masturbation, loss of virility.

--''The Sexual Key to the Tarot'' Theodor Laurence


Anonymous said...

I never saw these cards! Love how it shows pumpkins... a natural aphrodisiac I am told! I agree with this, thanks for sharing!

Shannon Rae said...

These cards are from ''The Spiral Tarot.'' I agree, they are very pretty.