Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Sexual Key to the Tarot: XVII THE STAR

The 7 white stars, of lesser magnitude than the 8th, signify the seven aspects of man's sexuality: infantilism, narcissism, fetishism, perversion, desire, passion, love.  The eighth star symbolizes the radiant stage of man's sexuality, and it incorporates all seven of the lesser aspects in perfect unity and balance and it signifies sexual maturity.

The motto of this card is, ''The fluids of life freely given.''

The Star nature has been everywhere and done everything and has learned well from its experiences.  This nature is the true lover.  If a partner has a fetish he or she is not punished for it.  The mere fact of fetishism is cultivated and the sexual relationship is thereby greatly enhanced.  The Star nature makes their mate feel truly wanted, needed, and loved.  This nature promises sexual bliss.

This is a lover who doesn't get upset over partners' fetishes; cultivates them and the relationship is strengthened.

No sex act is denied.

Fetishism, perversion, narcissism--these and more are utilized expertly and in tactful doses, enriching the sex acts and ultimately the relationshp.

The Star nautue is one of hope and good luck, a light in anyone's life, truly a star in the long night of bed-hopping.

In a reading:  Love of sex, physical love; sexual harmony; erotic inspiration; new perception of physical and sexual things; good health; virility; strength and potency; new lease on life; hope and bright sexual prospects.

Reversed this card is an examination of these themes, but not the full acceptance of them...yet.

-excerpted from ''The Sexual Key to the Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence

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