Monday, August 8, 2011

Sexual Key To The Tarot: X WHEEL OF FORTUNE

The Wheel means that life is in constant flux, constant change, from hard to flaccid, wet to dry, passion and passivity, celibacy and hyper-sexuality.

Here on the card are all four animals symbolizing the four fixed signs.

The elongated snake symbolizing the constancy of penile utility and genital activity; the wolf like figure (Rider Waite) represents the raw animal passions of man as a separate entity from penile usage/sexual intercourse (the snake).

Passion need not necessarily be satiated or appeased.  It signifies that both lust and sexual activity are counterparts and that each follows the other endlessly.  The sphinx is emblematic of stability amidst fluctuation and shows the immutability of the phallus amidst changing mores and ethics.

Sexual knowledge is not always obtained experimentally.  In the figure, all the fixed signs are reading books.  Here we see sex as a learned activity, one that can be studied and read about.

The wings on the creatures are images of the flights of knowledge.

All the four symbols of the fixed signs mean man, in different stages.  You have the lower ones on the card, likely reading Hustler....and the images on the top reading the Karma Sutra or The Ultimate Guide to Sex

The lower corners show reading about sex for the self and the upper two are learning about sex for ''us''

Basically in a reading, this card will that passion comes and goes and that nothing is forever.  A never ending cycle of desire, gratification, desire, gratification, man pursues woman (or whatever combo you prefer) and woman pursues man.

Changeable sexual activities and partners, new and interesting cohabitators, success in sexual pursuit, increase of sexual partners.  Face changes with sexual partners with courage, be alert for sexual opportunities; exercise caution with sexual excess.

Maintain sexual equilibrium.  Patience in passion will be rewarded; new sexual contacts require adaptability.

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