Monday, August 1, 2011

Sexual Key To The Tarot: VII The Chariot

Here is the Conqueror of Barriers, and in a sexual reading he is a victorious, erect, and princely hero cum porn star.  The Charioteer nature wins the heart and body of any female who excites his sexual interest.  He conquers women (or men) and conquers any barrier between them.  This quality, plus that of being a king by conquest rather than heredity, makes even married women fair game for him.  He makes cuckolds out of kings.  If this nature has his eye on a married person, their spouse cannot stop him from sexually possessing her; no matter where her reservations lie, he conquers them for her.  The female therefore realizes a freedom foreign to her and enjoys complete sexual abandon with him even though she at once knows she cannot possess him for her own.  He, and the orgiastic pleasures, will always be sweet memories to her in her world.  The Charioteer nature has no time for sweet memories and rampages headlong into yet another sexual affair with another female.

In a reading look for progress made with sexual partners; conquest of barriers to orgasm; good news of forthcoming sexuality.  It tells of triumph over enemies, obstacles, and delays.  Victory in sexual pursuits through the hard work of convincing females that sexual intercourse is good for them.  This card in a female's spread means she will meet a man of this nature.

--Theodor Laurence's ''The Sexual Key to the Tarot''  Come hang out with me, Sign up for Free, Sign up through me!

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