Monday, July 25, 2011

Sexual Key To The Tarot: IV Emporer

The sceptre as usual is a phallic symbol and here we see a great degree of meaning.  The representation showing an elongated and erect penis, longer than normal, indicating mastery.  The symbol is a phallus a the precise point of vaginal penetration, the crossbar symbolizing the labia majora, and the crowning circle emblemizing the vaginal canal, open for willing penetration.  The red glode represents (1) worldly pursuits and raw animal passion, which qualifies the further symbolization of (2) a sated vagina (as with the globe upon the head of the High Priestess).  That the globe is red in color typifies the fires of passion, the heat of lust, and the blood-red flush of a raging vagina inflamed by the penile friction of the vulva canal.

In a spread this card foretell of sexual power and stability; authority and will in sexual affairs.  He is the ultimate in masculinity, sexual dominance, and source of sensual pleasure for females.  Homosexually, the ultimate in sodomitic endeavors.  He's the ideal of sexually frustrated young women.  This is the card of a masterful lover.  ''Adroitness'' is used to win over females; he's good with his hands I'm getting at.  Married life isn't indicated with this card (or the Empress); we see a nature that is autonomous and in love with sex.

--taken from ''The Sexual Key to the Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence

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