Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sexual Key To The Tarot: I MAGICIAN

(This is a series I'll do on the sexual interpretation of the cards inspired by the book ''The Sexual Key To The Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence.  Love to hear any insights from anyone else out there who loves the intimacy tarot can bring into our lives.)

Here is the youthful energy of sex that is self-regenerative, this is what's at the beck and call of the Magician.

''At his fingertips are the symbols of the four tarot suits: the wand indicates the fire signs (Lust, Anger, and Passion); the cup indicates the water signs (Urine, Blood, and Semen); the sword, the air signs (Respiration, Burping, Farting); and the pentacles, the earth signs (Flesh, Force, and Malleability).  The four tarot suits signify the elements of social life; The wands indicate power; the cup intoxicants (often paired with sexual activity); the sword indicates aggression; and the pentacle indicates money.''--Theodor Laurence

It's due to this mastery over the elements figuratively and literally that this nature draws to hi/r all the signs of the zodiac.  This nature also possesses the ''magic of youth'' demonstrating this in both vigor of pursuit and activity.  He may be prone to pedophiliac impulses, seeking to unite  his or her own psychic youth with a child exhibiting comparable physical youth.  No matter the chronological age, the Magician sees the endless flow of sexual energy signified by the nimbus above his head, and the snake eating his own tail around his waist.

When the energy of sex is seen as coming from the physical body, this nature will be involved with self-love....becoming enamored with hi/r own sexuality, masturbatory practices are frequently and secretly done.  And so this nature fluctuates between celibacy and hypersexuality.  Overall there's a disregard for social mores and sexual conformity.  Not only does this nature attract and desire all the signs in the zodiac, but gender doesn't limit the desire either.

In a reading this comes up to show how the querent is involved in controlling their sexual destiny; will power over the opposite sex;skill and diplomacy used in obtaining sex; young partners, confidence and will used in foreplay, magical sexual powers.

Reversed we'll see the pedophile side come out, trickery in getting sex partners.

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