Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sexual Key To The Tarot: VI THE LOVERS

Men and women of the Lovers' nature do not believe in or adhere to traditional, hand-me-down, sexual taboos.  These natures love openly without shame.  They will actively share in any sex act without reservation because they do not recognize sin.   This is the sexual expression of paradise--which is a state of mind.

The Lovers'-nature intuitively knows the Secret Laus of Providence, which, in essence, is: ''God Created sexual union, the ultimate results of which are justifiably mystical, symbolic, and presently beyond human understanding.''  In nature, the closest thing to the ideal mystical trance is the point of orgasm.

In a spread we'll see unadulterated love; attraction; beauty; trials overcome; sexual union, sometimes marriage.  Here is the desire for virginal love, that is, strong fluid love with uninhibited sexual expression.  Love conquers all.  Perfect love casteth out all fear.

Reversed we'll see temptation.  May indicate infidelity, look for other cards to corroborate this.  Someone wants the best of everything and causes everyone to feel unstable.  Fighting, disagreement, separation, divorce.

--excerpted from ''The Sexual Key To The Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sexual Key To The Tarot: V HIEROPHANT

The Sexual Key To The Tarot by Theodor Laurence

The Hierophant-nature runs from sex in all it's aspect, treating even thoughts of sex as sin. This nature is superstitious, fearful, and full of doubt. It is ignorant of the purpose of it's own virility or muliebrity (femininity). Penile erections in the male and clitoral excitation in the female keep this nature in a constant state of dread of it's own sexuality. Because of this nature's fear of open and natural sexual relations, masturbatory practices are frequently perpetrated and these are usually followed by haunting and debilitating feelings of guilt.

Devoted servitude to mankind is manifested by this nature, the natural but sublimated sex instinct recanalized. Married men of this nature engage in sexual intercourse only infrequently and then as a matter of conjugal duty. During the actual sex act these natures will strive, not for complete gratifying orgasm, but for minimal pleasure.

A male of this nature is subservient to women, passive in love-making, and prefers women to be on top and dominate, which allows him to 'divorce' himself from his erect penis, leaving the woman to her own "sinful" devices. If the Hierophant-nature emerges from his cocoon of sexual fear unboldly, he first manifests lack of confidence in his own masculinity. He over compensates by cowering, bowing, scraping, coddling, and catering to women. He becomes a compensatory art developed in hopes that demands upon his awkward and reluctant penis will be minimal.

When the Hierophant-nature yields naively to the pull of his flesh, he overdoses it, and takes on the characteristics of a pervert, a sexual misfit, or, in other words, "a dirty old man". The sexual technique of oral-ism which he perpetrates to convince himself of his virility appears depraved and an-aphrodisiac. He therefore attracts females of like characteristics and hence finds himself in a worse state of sexuality than before. Because of his or her proclivities, the Hierophant-nature can be easily abused sexually, and usually is. This is the basis for this nature's assertion that he has been to heaven and hell.

This card in sexual matters suggests a lack of self confidence in one's own masculinity or femininity. In cases where a woman doubts her own femininity and consequently prefers, desires, and enjoys oral-genital practices which afford her gratifying orgasms, the perfect sexual partner is the Hierophant-nature. This card could further mean homosexuality, latent or overt, (usually in the closet). Due to the card's esoteric symbolism denoting a nature's deliberate escape from one's own sexuality, a male of this nature, abhorring the masculine role of his phallus, may turn to sodomy, playing the passive role. In a female of this nature, her abhorrence of fearful penes may turn her to lesbianism, having preference for the softness and gentleness of another woman (especially the mouth).

Sexual Key To The Tarot: IV Emporer

The sceptre as usual is a phallic symbol and here we see a great degree of meaning.  The representation showing an elongated and erect penis, longer than normal, indicating mastery.  The symbol is a phallus a the precise point of vaginal penetration, the crossbar symbolizing the labia majora, and the crowning circle emblemizing the vaginal canal, open for willing penetration.  The red glode represents (1) worldly pursuits and raw animal passion, which qualifies the further symbolization of (2) a sated vagina (as with the globe upon the head of the High Priestess).  That the globe is red in color typifies the fires of passion, the heat of lust, and the blood-red flush of a raging vagina inflamed by the penile friction of the vulva canal.

In a spread this card foretell of sexual power and stability; authority and will in sexual affairs.  He is the ultimate in masculinity, sexual dominance, and source of sensual pleasure for females.  Homosexually, the ultimate in sodomitic endeavors.  He's the ideal of sexually frustrated young women.  This is the card of a masterful lover.  ''Adroitness'' is used to win over females; he's good with his hands I'm getting at.  Married life isn't indicated with this card (or the Empress); we see a nature that is autonomous and in love with sex.

--taken from ''The Sexual Key to the Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sexual Key To The Tarot: III THE EMPRESS

Here we see the Mother of sexual invention.  Her venusian fertile sexuality, her vibrant body, attractiveness, and hypersensitivity she can use at will against cold-hearted men and women.  She renders them weak and docile with the powers of Venus.

Look at her holding her phallic symbol high in the air, she is fearless of the penis, playful even.  She adores the male organ and will worship it openly without shame.  Her esteem manifests itself in overt sexual acts such as fellatio and, uh, scrotolingus.  The proximity of the sceptre to her face suggests her delight in fellatio, and is further represented by the enlarged and bulbous round head of the symbol. The full and enlarged head of the penis before ejaculation.  That the head is globular secondarily suggests her pursuit of worldly pleasures and the fruitfulness of her sexual pursuit.

She stare straight out from the image, full-faced, and is supportive of how open and frank she is in sexual matters.  She conceals nothing, she is a progression from the secrecy of the High Priestess.    She is not a woman who can be cajoled or coerced into sex, she is the instigator of pleasure.  She chooses her lover with authority over her passions; and once chosen he shall know paradisaical sensual pleasure at her hands.  The Empress nature is the door to sexual pleasure. 

In a reading we see passion that gives it's all!  A rich harvest of sexual pleasure and dynamic orgasms as a reward for the physical labor and sensual toil of courtship, foreplay, and intercourse.

Reversed we'll see all this energy dispersed.  Wasted efforts yielding nothing, and this lack of productivity affects the home life, chaotic situations arise.  Depression leads to a low libido.  Lack of interest.

(This is a series I'll do on the sexual interpretation of the cards inspired by the book ''The Sexual Key To The Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence.  Love to hear any insights from anyone else out there who loves the intimacy tarot can bring into our lives.)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sexual Key To The Tarot: II HIGH PRIESTESS

''Very deep and mysterious. A ''dream girl.'' Geographically symbolized, sexual gratification is ''up,'' sexual frustration is ''down.'' The crown that she wears with the horns on either side pointing upward (phallic symbols) indicates her mental awareness of the needs of male phalli. It is this penile awareness which makes her the ''perfect woman,'' she who is cognizant of all the sexual facts of life, ''a girl after one's own heart.'' She exists in all women once they recognize their true sexual role in a man's life.

On her breast is a large solar cross...This emblem symbolizes the sanctification of the ''heart,'' from whence comes her uninhibited sexual expression and free spirit in her sexuality with men of her choice; where ''sin'' does not exist. In love she will utilize her sexual knowledge, ardent passion, and her vagina consecutively or simultaneously with ''all her heart,'' and the man in her life will know complete and gratifying sexual ecstasy.

In her hands, inscribed with the word ''TORA,'' is a scroll partly covered by her robe...That the scroll is partly concealed implies that her sexuality is only partly objectified. The complete woman is not evident simply because she induces sexual pleasure. The scroll (phallus), half hidden, signifies that a man who is true to her, who has won her ''heart,'' will find in her, via the path of her objectified free and open sexuality, deeper and unforeseen delights.

As for the word ''Tora,'' this and and the word ''penis'' each vibrate, numerologically, to 9, the mystical number denoting completeness, fulfillment.

She is seated between two pillars, one dark and one light...the symbolization is threefold. One, like the half hidden scroll, the dark and light pillars (phalli) represent the secret and the obvious respectively, the two aspects of her total sexuality. Two, as symbols of erected, sexually-charged phalli, the two pillars signify her acceptance of man and his penis without discrimination, yet another indication of her free spirit in sexual matters. Three, the bloomed, flowering heads of the pillar-phalli are portents. They symbolize her promise of eruptive and violent orgasms for men with whom she cohabits.

Her dress is flowing and gauzy..these represent continuity of sexual expression.

Her garment is blue...signifying radiant emanation of mind, spirit, and body, each of which or all of which insure sexual fulfillment.

She represents to the Querent the perfect woman all hetero men dream about and long for, the woman who can satisfy their sexual desires far beyond their wildest thoughts. She intuitively knows the value to a man of a loving and sexually expressive female who can gratify him. She is the spirit of motherhood and is associated with the earth from which all things flow. A woman of the High Priestess-nature will please a man in every way she can, barring no sexual activity. She does not recognize sexual perversion, ''sin'' does not exist for her where love is concerned.''--Theodor Laurence

In a reading we'll see secrets, passion beneath the surface, the future of a liaison is unknown, safety from pregnancy and STI's because knowledge of sex triumphs over ignorance.

Reversed the situation is superficial, there is no subtext....if your partner told you something, take it at face value, there is no more beneath the surface.

(This is a series I'll do on the sexual interpretation of the cards inspired by the book ''The Sexual Key To The Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence.  Love to hear any insights from anyone else out there who loves the intimacy tarot can bring into our lives.)

Sexual Key To The Tarot: I MAGICIAN

(This is a series I'll do on the sexual interpretation of the cards inspired by the book ''The Sexual Key To The Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence.  Love to hear any insights from anyone else out there who loves the intimacy tarot can bring into our lives.)

Here is the youthful energy of sex that is self-regenerative, this is what's at the beck and call of the Magician.

''At his fingertips are the symbols of the four tarot suits: the wand indicates the fire signs (Lust, Anger, and Passion); the cup indicates the water signs (Urine, Blood, and Semen); the sword, the air signs (Respiration, Burping, Farting); and the pentacles, the earth signs (Flesh, Force, and Malleability).  The four tarot suits signify the elements of social life; The wands indicate power; the cup intoxicants (often paired with sexual activity); the sword indicates aggression; and the pentacle indicates money.''--Theodor Laurence

It's due to this mastery over the elements figuratively and literally that this nature draws to hi/r all the signs of the zodiac.  This nature also possesses the ''magic of youth'' demonstrating this in both vigor of pursuit and activity.  He may be prone to pedophiliac impulses, seeking to unite  his or her own psychic youth with a child exhibiting comparable physical youth.  No matter the chronological age, the Magician sees the endless flow of sexual energy signified by the nimbus above his head, and the snake eating his own tail around his waist.

When the energy of sex is seen as coming from the physical body, this nature will be involved with self-love....becoming enamored with hi/r own sexuality, masturbatory practices are frequently and secretly done.  And so this nature fluctuates between celibacy and hypersexuality.  Overall there's a disregard for social mores and sexual conformity.  Not only does this nature attract and desire all the signs in the zodiac, but gender doesn't limit the desire either.

In a reading this comes up to show how the querent is involved in controlling their sexual destiny; will power over the opposite sex;skill and diplomacy used in obtaining sex; young partners, confidence and will used in foreplay, magical sexual powers.

Reversed we'll see the pedophile side come out, trickery in getting sex partners.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sexual Key To The Tarot: 0 The Fool

This is the beginning of a series I'll do on the sexual interpretation of the cards inspired by the book ''The Sexual Key To The Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence.  Love to hear any insights from anyone else out there who loves the intimacy tarot can bring into our lives.

On a day ruled by The Fool nature we see the lusty joyous spirit of youth in search of sexual experience.  This is the first of many steps along a new sexual experience and all the new relationship energy that goes with it.  The is Spirit looking for Experience, feeling that every hole should be filled, spirit would feel this way, and it's reflected in the biological imperative.

We can see The Fool and the big stick he carries around and know this is a day to be in love with sex.  Sex is the solution to every problem right now.  Luck and our guides are watching our innocent dance with a Pollyanna concept of sexuality and it's appropriate and warranted at this time.

This nature has an indefatigable capacity for producing the abundant energy, and fluids, for love.  In a reading we'll see the start of a new sexual journey, sexual independence, erotic adventures, sexual forces in full play, rebellion against sexual taboos, orgasmic extravagance.