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The Voyager Zodiac

  Created entirely by Shannon Rae Cliche; I was watching a TON of Voyager lately....
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Naomi Wildman was the first child aboard Voyager.  She was born while being lost in the Delta quadrant and Voyager is the only home she's ever known.  Because of this Naomi has dreams of doing great things and being as heroic and important as Seven of Nine or the Captain. She tends to follow rules but she's still a child and she often acts without thinking in an effort to do the right thing. Yet she's not afraid when trouble does arrive and is known as a brave and honorable Captain's assistant and friend.

Harry Kim is fresh out of Starfleet. He is most comfortable when he is carrying out Captain Janeway's orders- giving it all of his magnificent hand-clasped Starfleet fighting skills, courage and gift for battlefield improvisation. He is not all that comfortable when the mantle of leadership is placed over his broad shoulders. He is reluctant to assume authority until it is clear that he has no choice but to lead. However, he is resolute, fair and courageous beyond reproach. He is unstinting in his preparedness so that his "people" will be as protected as possible.

Neelix is a Talaxian born on Rinax who became a part of USS Voyager's crew, serving as chef, morale officer, ambassador, navigator, and holder of many other odd-jobs.  He is known for his cheerful optimism and many stories of his personal explorations as a Delta quadrant native.


Lieutenant Tom Paris is a romantic at heart, known for being the playboy of the ship until his heart gets taken by the fiery Klingon B'elanna.  He loves B'elanna but may also be frightened of ever breaking up with a Klingon woman.  Tom also has a love of the seas, saying he had read Jules Verne's ''Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea'' at least twenty thousand times.  As a child he was obsessed about stories of the ocean and sailing and he had planned to join the Fedartion Naval Patrol after high school.  However, his father had other ideas and as far as he was concerned, the only ship Tom was ever going to serve on had to have Starfleet insignia on it.

LEO  I Will

B'elanna is a former member of the Maquis and became the Chief Engineer of Voyager despite her Klingon temper.  As part of the Maquis she was acting as engineer in Chakotay's crew in the fight against the the Cardassian Empire and her determination to exterminate them led her to pursue them across the Badlands, where her ship was drawn into the Delta quadrant.  It took quite a while to accept herself as part of a Starfleet crew but she relishes in the challenge.

VIRGO  I Analyze
Icheb was rescued from the Borg and is in the process of being rehabilitated and discovering what it is to be an individual. Outwardly cool and calm, this analytical, rational and ever perceptive young man is proving himself to be nearly indispensable with his abilities to ascertain data, compile statistics and process information mathematically.

LIBRA  I Balance

Leader of the Maquis, Chakotay, makes the transition to First Officer of Voyager very smoothly, to say the least.  He effectively inserts his own Maquis crew into the Voyager hierarchy as well as any peacemaker can.  Chakotay is easy-going and he has an unfailing optimism and good humor that make him extremely diplomatic along with the ability to see the various perspectives of any situation. He combines courage with the willingness to sacrifice himself for his friends and the sake of his mission.


Tuvok starts out aboard the Maquis fighting vessel as part of Chakotay's crew, unknown to everyone aboard he is secretly a Starfleet spy.  As a teenager, he rebelled against the Vulcan ideal of logic and reasoning when he fell in love with a Terrelian girl named Jara, the daughter of an ambassador to Vulcan.  Tuvok was willing to violate every tenet of Vulcan philosophy simply to be near her; unfortunately, Jara did not return Tuvok's feelings, and Tuvok chose to leave her.  He later spent several months in isolation studying with a Vulcan master, where he learned to subdue his emotions and desires.


The Emergency Medical Hologram, known simply as the Doctor, is the only medical crewman that Voyager has aboard when the Caretaker strands them in the Delta quadrant.  Being left on for more than 6 years running he has certainly exceeded his original programming in many ways; from being an Opera star on planet Quomar to being able to travel to the Alpha quadrant in a communications wormhole (several times) to creating a penis for himself and winning the hearts of several alien women (even having a child on the weird planet displaced in time).  While at first he wasn't known for his bedside manner, he later becomes very close with all the crew, because, in his own words,
 "In the beginning, there is darkness – the emptiness of a matrix waiting for the light. Then a single photon flares into existence. Then another. Soon, thousands more. Optronic pathways connect, subroutines emerge from the chaos and a holographic consciousness is born."


Captain Janeway uses her skills as a scientist and explorer to lead the starship Voyager and, if necessary, to fight; all while never breaking the Prime Directive. A model "head of the family" type, she can be immensely kind and her compassion extends to all that lives.  Still, she will battle unceasingly to protect the weak and defend what she and Starfleet stand for. Captain Janeway knows that it will be decades before reaching home in the Alpha quadrant and shoulders the responsibility seemingly effortlessly.  She will finish what was started by the Caretaker and bring her crew safely home with their Starfleet values intact.


Of all the crew of Voyager, Seven of Nine's method of operation is most characterized by the cold, brutal efficiency one would expect of a partially mechanical being. Brought up by the Borg from a very young age and then ''rescued'' by the crew of the Voyager, she is learning what it is to be an individual and all that it entails.  She enters every situation not with the emotions of her comrades, but with a scientist's approach to solving a problem. She thinks of Voyager as her new collective and hers is a struggle between focusing on the needs of her new collective and learning to have interpersonal relationships.

PISCES  I Believe

Kes is an Ocampa who joined the USS Voyager after it came to the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker's Array.  For over 3 years she was a valuable member of the crew and in love with Neelix.  She started out working with Neelix in the kitchen but her compassion brought her in the Sick Bay where she learned to be the Doctor's assistant.  She learned to be a field medic and also was in charge of the airponics bay, helping the plants grow.  She eventually left Voyager in order to explore her increasingly powerful psychic abilities.

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