Monday, February 21, 2011

Human Design: Circuit Anatomy & Channel Identification

The Collective Circuit comprises the Understanding and Sensing Circuits.
* The Collective Circuit theme is Sharing.
* The Understanding Circuit is about sharing the logical process.
* The Sensing Circuit is about sharing the abstract process.

Understanding Circuit Channels & Keynotes: The Understanding Circuit is one half of the Collective Circuit Group. It is the circuit of the experimental way, it runs through the spleen, and is looking towards the future. Within it are logic, patterns, corrections, solutions, experimentation, doubts, opinions, facts, detail, rhythms, the power to focus and collective leadership. The format energy for the Understanding circuit is the 9/52, the channel of focus and concentration.
4/63 - Logic, a design of Mental Ease mixed with Doubts
5/15 - Rhythm, a design of being In the Flow
7/31 - Alpha, a design of Leadership for 'good' or 'bad'
9/52 - Concentration, a design of Determination
16/48 - Wavelength, a design of Talent
17/62 - Acceptance, a design of an Organizational being
18/58 - Judgement, a design of Insatiability

Sensing Circuit Channels & Keynotes: The Sensing Circuit is one half of the Collective Circuit Group. It is the circuit of the experiential way, it runs through the emotional center, and it is rooted in the past - it is about all the collective experiences that have occured and what we can learn from them. The format energy for the sensing circuit is in the 42/53, and is cyclical, or made up of beginnings, middles and ends.
11/56 - Curiosity, a design of a Seeker
13/33 - Prodigal, a design of a Witness
29/46 - Discovery, a design of Succeeding where other fail (or vice versa)
30/41 - Recognition, a design of Focused Energy (feelings)
35/36 - Transitoriness, a design of a 'Jack of all Trades'
42/53 - Mutation, a design of Balanced Development (cyclic)
47/64 - Abstraction, a design of Mental Activity mixed with Clarity

The Individual Circuit comprises the Knowing and Centering Circuits.
* The Individual Circuit theme is about Empowerment.
* The Knowing Circuit is about empowering by being an individual example of uniqueness.
* The Centering Circuit is about empowering others to love themselves and follow their own unique path.

Knowing Circuit Channels & Keynotes: A major and the most complex circuit, the Knowing Circuit is mutative and potentially empowering. Uncertainty is its theme and melancholy its companion and potential muse.
1/8 - Inspiration, a design of a Creative Role Model
2/14 - The Beat, a design of being a Keeper of the Keys
3/60 - Mutation, a design of energy which Initiates and Fluctuates
12/22 - Openness, a design of a Social being
20/57 - Brainwave, a design of Penetrating Awareness
23/43 - Structuring, a design of an Individual (from Freak to Genius)
24/61 - Awareness, a design of a Thinker
28/38 - Struggle, a design of Stubbornness
39/55 - Emoting, a design of Moodiness

Centering Circuit Channels & Keynotes: The Centering Circuit is a minor Individual Circuit with two channels. Its theme is the empowerment of personal will.
10/34 - Exploration, a design of Following ones Convictions
25/51 - Initiation, a design of Needing to be First

Tribal circuitry has two circuits; Ego and Defense.
The tribe is all about community and family. It is about having children, caring for the trabe, making, distributing and spending money. The theme is to be busy.

Ego Circuitry Channels and Keynotes: A major force in the establishment of Human civilization, the Tribal Ego Circuit brings communal support. The circuit is the only one whose streams flow to the Heart Center and not the Throat. A circuit of communal is rooted in instinct and need.
19/49 - Synthesis, a design of Sensitivity
21/45 - Money Line, a design of a Materialist
26/44 - Surrender, a design of Transmitter
32/54 - Transformation, a design of Being Driven
37/40 - Community, a design of a Part seeking a Whole

Defense Circuitry Channels and Keynotes:The Defense Circuit is a minor Tribal Circuit with two channels. It is the embodiment of the genetic imperatives to support reproduction and nurturing.
6/59 - Mating, a design focused on Reproduction
27/50 - Preservation, a design of Custodianship

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