Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What Cards Are These?

I just had a free professional reading done by a woman named Enchantment who works at a different company than the Psychic Power Network. These are the cards she used and I was wondering what deck they came from? Does anyone know? Here's her reading:


I sense that right now and for the past 10-12 months i sense that you have been going through emotional healing, there is a lot of spiritual healing and energy around you. You seem to be very much in tune to what you feel, why you feel it, knowing why your emotions are there and what they are telling you. I sense that you are an indigo child, a spiritual child and that you would have experiences most of your life. I sense you must be have been born in the age of Aquarius.

I find it very strange that both the first and second card has an dolphin in it, out of 90 cards, what are the odds of that.

Dolphins are very spiritual mammals, they sense energy. They work with instinct.

You are a very calm person and you are about to step into your own energy.

Are you studying at the moment?

Are you interested in astrology? Because this is what i sense strongly.

You are about to take a new journey in life, everything coming together, keep going along the path that you are on right now.

Attuning to your own higher self.

Pretty nice, very much my situation at the moment and I am an astrologer. I would like to make more progress doing more Astrology readings in the future, it's such an interest for me and I'd love to share the knowledge I've been immersed in for the past 5 1/2 years.

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