Sunday, January 30, 2011

Surgery Spread

1. Your Health Problem

2. How You Deal With It

3. What You Don't Understand About Surgery

4. How You Can Use Illness To Your Advantage

I'm seeing that for you the operation will be easy and successful, with no complications.

In fact, there is something karmic about this happening for you at this time in your life. Truly, you were meant for this. The images I have concern surgery, family, and being on the right path. In fact, things will only become better for you in the future of your relationships because of this elective surgery.

Sex will be better, and in fact you may find yourself wanting more of it because of the amount of trust you feel. You will find yourself in a state of productive harmony after the surgery, your power will flow, basically you will just be really happy you did it. The images reinforce that you are doing exactly what you had hoped you might--and probably receive even more than you had hoped for....(I'm thinking it may not cost as much as you first thought, or there will be even less pain, something along those lines).

I'm sensing a lot going on in this surgery for you and I'm really happy for you that you're going ahead and doing it! It's going to be easy, and you'll be interested in the process of it, and you're going to get more out of it than you first thought that you would!

Ok, maybe that is what I'm seeing, because I was seeing financial reward of some kind....Are you going to sell some eggs while you are at it?

You have some good pedigree to do so, you are a college graduate, thin, etc...Actually, I don't know what they look for, except for a college degree.

But definitely some kind of monetary reward, maybe you will pay for this operation with a bonus from work.

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Shannon Rae said...

This is a reading for a friend of mine I'm using as an example of doing a variation on the 4-Card Spread.