Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years Spread

Here's how it goes, this is a 16 card spread that goes 4 cards for the 4 seasons (or every three months). These are the positional meanings:

1. Something new

2. Something good

3. Something to prepare for

4 Something you should know


Something new has to do with the Hermit Rx....does that mean I may get out of the house more, because otherwise, that doesn't look like a new ''good'' looks like the something new is me not taking my own advice or heeding my inner wisdom...Something good is making a new I will take the Hermit Rx literally and believe it to mean I will get out of the house. I should prepare for being out of touch, loss of internet? Yeah, I will prepare for that! Something I should know in these first 3 months is I am hot!


Something new is I will be released from jail! A new freedom perhaps. And something good will the the King of Wands Rx? How would he be good? He seems strict and moody...Something I should prepare for is, again, being social, 8 of Cups Rx, getting back into and of the world, celebrating earthly pursuits over spiritual ones. Something I should know is the King of Pentacles, someone rather...He represents a solid financial earthly life and pursuits, so maybe it's all about money making this season of spring.


Something new is new friends? Or not being tied to that past any longer, just looking forward, something is good is not being overly worried and realizing everything will work out fine. Something I should prepare for is sneakiness coming from somewhere, something not being forthcoming. Something I should know is communication is being delayed.


Something new is hopefulness and good health, something good is saving money and not spending it, like we are saving it for a plan we have and so we are not being as generous as usual. Something to be prepared for is making a new friend and/or repairing a relationship that has been coming apart. Something I should know is the fight will be less emotional and just more confused energies.

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Shannon Rae said...

So far, the first set of cards are coming about. The 8 of Wands Rx doesn't have to do with the internet so much as, I am slowing down. In the past week I have become passionate again about Human Design. I have been practicing my strategy, Wait to Respond, for years now and now it's time to move forward. And I am....