Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Examination of 3 Transits: Planets In Transit

Mars Opposition Jupiter
Mars 1˚ Aquarius 6H opposing Jupiter 2˚ Leo Leo 12H
(The transiting planet is first, the natal planet come second)

Activity period from 17 January 2011 to 19 January 2011

This can be one of the so-called ''lucky'' transits, or it can be a time fraught with conflict and foolish actions.

This time represents the culmination of my efforts to expand the domain of my activities. And I am, I want to expand my repertoire in my profession. There is more and more that I want to do, and I may resent anything that narrows my freedom and limits my scope of action. Right now, this is my own personal inhibitions concerning money. The challenge of this influence is to be conscious enough of myself and of what I am doing so that I can plan intelligently and work effectively with enlightened self-interest as opposed to pure selfishness.

Try not to come on too strong, try to stay conscious of my actions. The negative side of this transit, since it concerns Mars, is becoming domineering. I may come on to others as more than an ordinary human being, which will tempt them to test my strength.

Foolishly overestimating my own abilities may cause you to bite off more than I can chew in a number of areas...physically, by strain; or in business, by overextending resources...etc.

Self-awareness changes the picture. As long as I stay within my own limitations - that is, my inherent limitations as a human being and the limitations of my situation or circumstances - I should be extremely successful. The sense of timing of my actions may leave others amazed and sure that I am lucky. But really I have succeeded because I have a complete understanding of the situation.
Mercury Trine Saturn
Mercury 5˚ Capricorn trine Saturn 6˚ Virgo

Activity period is beginning of December 2010 to Jan. 19th exact 12:34 am

This is a day for serious thinking and important concerns. I feel I must deal with practical matters and keep my mind at work. I am not inclined to play around, not because of being sad or emotional, only serious. The mind works well under this influence, and I will be able to keep at a task until I have solved all its problems. I am also able to concentrate on mental work that requires great attention to detail. My eye is sharp for the little pieces that make up the whole. As a result, the work I do today will be done very carefully and thoroughly. I won't have to go over it again and check for mistakes, because my initial approach is methodical and painstaking.

This is a good time to organize myself and my environment. My critical faulty is sharp and I can see very quickly what must be done to make an organization work. This influence is very good with details, not so much with the overall. Also, my approach is cautious and conservative.

I am not likely to be into the abstract at the moment...and I'm a psychic. I will want to know what practical purpose everything serves, and if it isn't useful, I will turn my attention to something else. Just be careful that I don't miss an important idea as a result.

I may be reserved with people, not because I am afraid or unwilling to communicate, but because I don't feel like saying very much unless it is important. I may prefer to be alone with my thoughts. However, this is a great time to seek out an older person for counsel or advice, who has more experience than myself in some area. This is the kind of discussion I will feel comfortable in today.

Sun Square Mars, exact at 13:26
Sun 27˚ Capricorn square Mars 28˚ Libra

Activity period 17th-19th

This is a day to be very conscious of myself and my motivations, and I already have been. (I had a discussion this morning about WHY I want to be increasing my abilities with the Tarot and clairvoyance...is it just for personal gain? And my surrounding guilt with money...but I have no guilt with sex, so I need to apply that to having money.) It's likely to have ego conflicts with others today, especially if I allow my actions to be dictated by subconsciously motivated energies. As with all squares, this transit tests the validity of a position that I took or a statement that I made, either literally or figuratively, about 6 months ago. Circumstances as well as other people will be looking for chinks in my armor, flaws in my preparation, errors to challenge me with. If I consciously know what I'm doing, I will be better prepared to handle that challenge as well as my experience of your own energies.

My energy level will be high today, maybe too high. Watch for signs of irritable impatience with others whenever things do no go exactly as I planned. Be assertive only when the situation calls for it, not whenever I feel like it. Also watch out for baseless conflicts with others, which I may not necessarily instigate myself. The effects of any transit may be projected, that is, they may seem to originate with someone else. In this case I may not feel at all belligerent, but nevertheless I am attracting it in others.

Because the Sun indicates persons or structures that are centers of energy, power and authority, I should be particularly careful of conflicts with authorities. Voice my complaints if they are legitimate, but expect a certain amount of hostile reaction to them. Also be carefully that the tone of any complaint doesn't aggravate this hostility. What I can expect is a function of the energies I put out.

On the physical level, try to find an outlet for my vigorous energies. Do something that requires a lot of hard work and gives my aggressions a satisfactory outlet. Frustrated personal energies can lead to illness or accidents if the energy turns inward. In fact, if I feel no aggressive energies at all under this transit, I ought to be concerned, because I have probably sublimated the energy and may experience it through illness or accident. Or I may project it, attracting angry and difficult people. If used consciously and intentionally, this energy is positive and I can accomplish considerable work and establish myself in any position I want.


I have very painful cramps today...I was thinking I wouldn't work out because of them...and I now I see I really ought to and do it harder than ever!

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