Friday, November 26, 2010

Try Harder, Listen Up, Be Fat

I The Magician Rx

Page of Swords Rx

XX Judgement Rx

I never noticed before, but Judgement is misspelled in the Connolly deck.

No executive decision today to turn these right side up, this is the norm for me, to leave the cards be. Yesterday, though, I was right on! Turning those cards upright exactly described how awesome my day went!

Today, a holiday, I feel like slackin'. Is that was The Magician Rx is about? And the Page of Swords Rx is promising, like I was expecting bad news, but I'll receive relief instead. Okay.

And XX Judgment Rx, hmmm...this year I've been associating this cards with dieting. And with Thanksgiving being here yesterday, and all the leftovers today, fuck, I'm eating what I want. I'll report back later in the day, or maybe later in the week to give a better prediction of what these cards mean. I can only jot off so much right now, I just woke up, and my husband is talking to me, so I can't think as far as predicting at the moment.

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