Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 21, 2010 Daily Spread

Justice Rx

Ace of Pentacles Rx

2 of Cups Rx

Yeah, this doesn't look like the most pleasant day. I'm not actually involved in any kind of legal case so I'm just going to go with the fact that I will be judged harshly today. By the 2 of Cups Rx, I'm going to say it will be by my husband. And that I won't make any money today. Awesome.


This reading was likely a leftover from the fight my husband and I had the day before (November 20th). I was still feeling hurt when I woke up to do my daily spread and, fuck, seeing this didn't feel good either. Honestly, when I saw the Justice Reversed, I saw a limp dick, implying no sex. See how the sword hanging upside down looks like a flaccid penis? And I hate not having sex, for any reason. I don't care if we're fighting, let's have some hate sex! But my new husband, he's so not into that.

However....we were back to our nice selves around noon and by 4 pm we were having some of the best sex... I am having an issue with menstruating this year, and for the past 18 DAYS I was bleeding. My husband is the cunnilingus king and was really wanting to go down on me...and we finally got our chance! And it was so unbelievably amazing!!!! I mean he was giving me orgasms from his mouth that, normally, can only happen with his dick. So, I'm just going to pay more attention I see cards like this come up.

So yeah, I should have cleared my mind a bit more before doing a fresh daily spread.

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