Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Freedom, Fantasy, and Travel: Daily Spread

8 of Swords Rx

XVIII The Moon

Knight of Wands

Freedom, fantasy, and travel. Those are my first impressions. I wonder what I'll be escaping (8 of Swords Rx)? I pretty much always stay in my apartment and my only plan for leaving today is going to the grocery store. The Moon card suggests some kind of fantasy, maybe that's a method of escape? This is an interesting spread. I'm curious to see who I'll talk to that will help with ''freeing'' me. It looks like I'll be inspired and less tense than normal. A person (Knight of Wands) will inspire my mind (swords + moon) to''letting go'' of it's imprisonment.


For one, I never left the house at all today. I did reach out online to my first pro bono tarot reading on Facebook. A woman just wrote me and expected a reading from me, no introduction, no telling me how she found me, shit, she didn't even ask, she just wrote and expected a reading. And I took inspiration from a true humanitarian co-worker of mine and decided to go ahead and do a reading for this charity case. So, I reached out in a way.

I got a ton of sleep, which is to what the The Moon was referring.

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