Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Anxiety, Food, Research: Daily Spread

7 of Pentacles Rx

Queen of Pentacles

II High Priestess

The 7 of Pentacles Rx refers to the fact that it's been so difficult, over the past 4 days, to get money out of the freakin' bank! Yes, I am concerned today will be no different, but it just HAS to be! BoB is getting off early to get money out of the bank so we can finally go shopping. Last night we even spent time setting up our online access to our accounts in an attempt to transfer funds into my account because I'm the one with a bank card. BoB is so impatient and impulsive with the bank that he's recently closed his checking account and then reopened a new one, and so, new checks were sent. He opted for starting his check at the 100 mark. You can't do that! No one accepts them that low. He didn't know that...of course, and he opted for no bank card. Arggghhh! But whatever, today will be the day!

I will be the big old fat Queen of Pentacles earth mother who cooks for everyone. Can't wait. I've been doing a ton of research into finding the *perfect* recipes (High Priestess) and I'm still currently looking for a candied yam with a hard candy shell on top. If I find or not will be another story.

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