Monday, November 29, 2010

Am I In Trouble? Daily Spread

King of Swords Rx

0 The Fool

Page of Cups

I'll be dealing with people today, a package may get delivered. I have been waiting on a comic to be delivered. That King of Swords Rx is scaring me...I have this irrational feeling anyway that I'm doing something wrong, that I'm in trouble for something...but right now I don't see how he would apply. This King usually has to do with the law or an authority...don't have anyone like that in my life. We paid off Billy and Debbie last night (my parents) for the debt on the car...that's the only ''authority'' types I can think of that would be angry...

The rest of the reading looks positive, real positive in comparison. There's a chance to begin anew with the Fool.

King of Swords Rx + The Fool = I'll feel bullied into making a decision, I'll feel vulnerable and end up making the correct decision for myself and standing my ground; In a few days I'll receive confirmation I have done the right thing (Page of Cups).


I got nothing. No real follow up except that it was a real nothing day. There was no delivery in the mail. I mailed a bunch of movies back to Netflix....Luckily, no King of Swords Reversed know, yet.

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