Tuesday, November 30, 2010

8 of Swords

3 of Wands

XVIII The Moon

Isolation and feeling cut off from the world. True. In fact, that's what my husband and I were tangentially discussing before he left for work this morning. How he has someone to talk to at work...how I don't want him discussing all my failures with his boss, basically. I have no one to discuss my personal life with as I have no close friends or even coworkers (I work from home).

I have had a coworker ask to do a mutual reading together recently (3 of Wands). I contacted her via Facebook, but I'm too shy to actually call her. I don't want to interfere with her schedule or time...even though I'm sure I'm not. I guess I'm also intimidated to do a reading for her...I shouldn't be, I'm an adequate reader (The Moon).


Does The Moon have to do with sex? I read that but...in my readings it hasn't had to do with sex so far...until today! We were trading phone pics with each other and when he came home I was dressed in something I knew he'd think was sexy. His clothes. He loves seeing girls in army pants, because he's strange like that. He doesn't think tight female pants are really that sexy because he figures the pants make the shape on it's own. But put a round ass in a pair of army pants and then you can really see the shape. I guess it makes sense...And I put on a disgusting punk shirt he made for a fake band he named called CHICKEN TRUCK and it's covered in stains. He loved it!

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