Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014: Keto Low Carb Banquet

I've changed my eating habits since May of this year, going into Ketosis to burn fat, so I've adopted a Low Carb High Fat style of cooking. And wow, does this way of eating work to lose weight, regulate insulin, and (if you're a woman) regulate your menstrual cycle. For me, no more ups and downs with nausea and headaches from blood sugar issues---oh and people have stopped asking me when I'm due.

Here's my 50 pound difference, blond me is from 2012 at the weight of 176 lbs, and the redheaded me is at 125 lbs. Eating Keto style since May, I've lost 30 pounds and I don't plan on letting the holidays bring me down. (I lost the first 20 pounds pole dancing)

For one thing, I've started eating meat!!! I was raised vegetarian and had no idea how good protein was for me. If I eat it, then I'm no longer hungry all day, wow, what a concept. I didn't get fat from simply over eating, I was actually hungry all the time and I ate to control that.  The second thing is, I have a food scale and weigh out everything I eat, it's the only way to really know. Keeping carbs low, to around 20 grams a day, takes some getting used to and at first it's hard to just eyeball the food, you have to get it there and weigh it and track it for the first few months, in my opinion.

Now my plan is simply the same during the holidays, keep carbs to 20 grams, my protein around 60-90g, and fat to around 100g. For this Thanksgiving I'm cooking my first turkey! It'll be Kosher, because of the way it's drained then soaked in salt water, giving it this wonderful flavor. I only bought a 13 lb turkey, because my husband is still vegetarian.

Keto Turkey Gravy

Broccoli Casserole (my old standby, I use a gluten free mushroom soup, so there's no flour)

Deviled Eggs

Almond Bread (I sub in Almond Butter for Peanut Butter, gives it a more neutral bread flavor)

Fried Apples (faster than baking, I promise)

Mashed Cauliflower I sub heavy cream for the milk, lower carb, higher flavor.
If you haven't tried this, it's so good. A great alternative to the very carby mashed potatoes. And we need something to pour all that delicious gravy over!

Fresh Pumpkin Pie (sugar free, low carb) 
I make this crustless for me and my mom, and I'll make one with a store bought crust for my in-laws. I experimented making this before Thanksgiving just to make sure the flavor would be there with no actual sugar, and fuck yeah! It's there, I use a brown sugar substitute (sucralose). Oh, and made with fresh sugar pumpkin that I roasted, pureed and froze when they were in season.

Whipped Cream (sugar free, sweetened with Vanilla Torani Syrup)
Found out my mom has an immersion blender which has a whisk attachment, makes it SO MUCH EASIER to whip some cream. Again, I experimented beforehand to make sure the flavor was there, and YES, so so so good and sugar free, meaning there's only 1 carb per 15 grams.

Strawberry Blossoms (I'll sweeten it with either Splenda or the Torani Vanilla syrup)
Strawberry Cream Pie (I'm torn between these two strawberry desserts, there might be one I make just for my house and one I leave with my in-laws. I'll make this without the unnecessary crust)


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