Sunday, February 2, 2014

Fearless February

Today is February 2nd and this is when I'm beginning, in earnest, handstand training.

Last year was the first time since the 90's that I started doing handstands again.  With one of my favorite trainers, Honey Washington at Studio Rio's Twisted Fitness, I was able to do one the first time.  She's gymnastically trained and her biggest tip was to squeeze your arms close to your head when you try.  Also, we were in 6" stripper heels, which makes it easier. 


I suppose it tips your hips up at an angle when you bend over so it's easier to kick up.  Also, doing it against a pole rather that a wall, makes a vast difference.  Your legs need space to kick over and the pole hits your bottom, stabilizing you. 

But then, something happened, with another teacher and I ended up getting very hurt, landed on my head and neck, lost out of work and had to go to rehab.  So....since then I've been a bit shy of doing handstands.  Now, forearm stands or doing the Iguana, I'm totally fine with.

I'm currently following Aerial Amy's Fearless February Guide and want to keep track of the links and what's been working for me.  This is where I've started:

Wrist Strengthening: Chris Salvato's Blog and training videos
Wrist Strengthening: FitQueenIrene's video
Wrist/Core Strengthening: Gold Medal Body's Plank Exercise

So, this is where I began today and I do feel it in my wrists, hands, and forearms.

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