Thursday, October 10, 2013

Gate 6 Emotional Solar Plexus


This is the most complex gate of the Solar Plexus and the most difficult in terms of finding the awareness within the wave. Not only is it a powerful motor with the energy for producing life itself but it also contains the awareness possibilities of all three Streams of Emotional awareness; Feeling, Emoting, and Sensitivity.

Where the 50th gate is the awareness of our Personal Defense Reflex, Conflict is our evolved Genetic Defense Reflex. There is no survival for Humanity unless it continues to reproduce. From the perspective of our genes, this is our only purpose, to maintain and continue the genetic pool.  Gate 6 is where the energy originates for the emotions of the Emotional Solar Plexus Center  (this is reflected on the other side of the Defense Tribal Circuit in Gate 50, where Gate 50 is where the awareness originates for the Splenic Center).

In our biology, the 6th gate is associated with our PH balance. It is PH that keeps our outside/outside and our inside/inside. It establishes the boundary of the body. Throughout most of our history, this has been a mechanical process.

The possibility of awareness in this gate could transform the nature of all of Humanities intimacy. Who is in and who is out, who can penetrate or be penetrated is the work of this gate. However, as an energy, and this is its general state, it always confines intimacy to a hope and pain cycle.

6 The peacemaker 27° 18' 45" - 28° 15' 00"
5 Arbitration 26° 22' 30" - 27° 18' 45"
4 Triumph 25° 26' 15" - 26° 22' 30"
3 Allegiance 24° 30' 00" - 25° 26' 15"
2 The guerilla 23° 33' 45" - 24° 30' 00"
1 Retreat 22° 37' 30" - 23° 33' 45"



The Lines: 

6. The peacemaker 

The discipline and integrity of a superior force to unilaterally cease conflict to permit surrender and survival of its foe.

The highest form of reason is that life is sacred. The emotional power to end conflict tempered by feelings and sensitivity to others.

The peacemaker whose actions are just but whose terms are unacceptable. The emotional power to end conflict but only after one's conditions have been satisfied.

5. Arbitration

The faith derived from analytical diligence and emotional control that permits a higher authority to judge a conflict.

Harmony furthered through the avoidance of direct conflict. Sensitivity to conflict can lead to the avoidance of intimacy.

Where a party to arbitration sees itself as the best possible judge and will only accept judgement if it is the victor. Insensitivity to the concerns of others in a conflict.

4. Triumph

Confident or Not, Brotherhood/Sisterhood, Kindness/Meanness
A position on natural and unchallengeable power.

The charity and wisdom that must come with victory and the movement towards new horizons.. The power of emotions to dominate a relationship.

The conqueror and purger. The lack of emotional control that is destructive in relationships.

3. Allegiance

Bonds Made/Broken, Allegiance/Rejection
The ability to secure support and create strength out of a weak position. When connected to the harmonic Gate 59, mating that results in conception.

The destruction of old forms through union; either mundane, as above, sexual union, or exalted as universalization. The depth of feelings that can enrich union and intimacy.

The rejection of allegiance as submission to established order. Sensitivity to controls which may eventually reject intimacy.

2. The guerilla 

The ability to maximize an inferior position through timely contact and withdrawal.

Aesthetic sensitivity and mental detail can find the weakest point. The sensitivity to find the weakest point in a conflict and to exploit it emotionally.

The kamikaze, striking but moot. A lack of sensitivity that blunders into conflicts.


Weakness/Strength, Pursuer/Pursued
The realization that wasting one's resources against overwhelming odds is not courage but folly.

The power of regeneration that can embrace retreat as a phase and not a failure. The emotional stability to accept conflict.

The inferiority complex, where retreat is experienced as personal weakness. Emotional instability in times of conflict.

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