Saturday, March 16, 2013

2nd Line

Quoted from Hal Bahr at Soul Journey Design:

The 2nd line is in deep reverie and relationship with the divine this is why it doesn't appreciate getting interrupted. The 2nd line indicates a time where one is only just finding out there are other people around so here is another reason for shyness. The newness of it all. The 2nd line doesn't touch the ground and doesn't touch the base of the top trigram so it is protected and isolated a bit which leads it to being very innocent, natural, and perhaps not well in touch with what is happening around it or noticing when it is being observed. It is very much involved in its own internal quest of discovery.

In that quest it is trying to figure out what relationship is. It is the 3rd line which begins to move with this through the experimentation process. Referring to what you've put in your question i would say that it is not productive to lump this with narrow definition like "they don't know what they are doing." In fact the 2nd line is always in the process of discovery and if one is discovering something it can be quite annoying to be interrupted or asked to explain yourself. Things are still in an early stage of growth and may not benefit by being explained away before they have matured a bit. 2nd lines need to play and can become stuck and unhappy if they don't play enough.

I have never seen 2nd lines as anything "humbug" and I wonder where you picked up such a biased and loaded explanation. Innocence, appreciation for, and simply noticing what the other brings you and most of all PLAYFULNESS are more 2nd line things. Humbug or a kind of bitterness can creep in over time if the person with these channels does not honor their own. 

Hal Bahr also teaches Human Design through weekly conference calls. 

'Keynote: The natural

Where the theme of the 1st line is receptivity and takes things in, the theme of the 2nd line is creativity, so, it takes nothing in. The 2nd line is the 'Natural' – it is just doing its thing. The 2nd line is quite happy in its own company and really doesn't want to be interrupted by the other. The 2nd line is a projection line – but more like a movie projector than the Projector "Type".

2nd lines project themselves as a creative force so when other people see them they think they are seeing this creative force. They don't actually see the person. The 2nd line is shy and its internal dynamic is along the lines of "Leave me alone, I'm just doing - but I don't know how". It is this quality that makes them reluctant to be called out by the other, because they have no idea whether or not they may appear either amazing or ludicrous. This is the line of the Hermit.'


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