Friday, December 21, 2012

A new b'ak'tun! 8 SWORDS

I pulled a card for today, the eve of the day I've been waiting for, for 15 years.
Kind of an odd message.  This is the 8 of Swords, the message here is one of being constricted, mentally.  Like feeling there's only ONE way to do things.  We're inhibited, limited, imprisoned.

In a sexual reading what we can expect is sexual slavery, confinement, could be nice if you're a sub or into BDSM.  There's domination by a person sexually perverted; abuse of sexual organs (like a cock and ball torture cage).  A sexual crisis.  A conflict of morals and desires.  An std or sti.

Reversed:  Endless nightmare sex; over sensitive clit or penis tip; difficulty with an overactive libido; opposition between lust and morality; terror of unknown phalli; treacherous hungers.  And I don't even know what this is: unforeseen orgasms.

(excerpted from my favorite tarot book: Theodor Laurence's ''The Sexual Key to the Tarot'')


IDK, I have some pretty great sex today myself, although, I couldn't bring myself to log on to  Too excited about my fifteen year wait for 8 am of December 22, 2012!  And mentally I couldn't get the fact that I didn't log on out of my head, but it's my day off from my dayjob....I just wanted to hang out, watch netflix, and make peanut butter balls for Christmas.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Here is sex that we already know about, partners that we already have.  Orgasms are enjoyed in the same way.  We definitely have sex when this card comes up.

Reversed:  There's opposition to our sexuality here, people who want us to ''spend'' it.  People like rapists, perverts, pederasts, etc.  Guard your sexuality.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

6 of SWORDS: Sexual Key

From Theodor Laurence's "The Sexual Key to the Tarot"

Sensuous journey upon the fluids of Bartholin glands; prolific seminal discharges; the fluidity of casual intercourse; sex mates easily acquired; an affluence of orgasms; also, the Querent will meet a new sex mate while on a trip or journey; also, expedient copulation.

Reverse: Be prepared for an unexpected proposal of sexual union.  This may come from a homosexual or lesbian or from a neighbor least likely to fornicate; also, sexual confessions or confessions of secret lust; in a lesser sense, beware of public disclosure.