Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Sexual Key to the Tarot: XIV TEMPERANCE

Temperance is the image of careful, thoughtful, patient blending.  There's no choice to be made between two things, where one is discarded....in this image we see two becoming united.

If this card comes up in a reading where the Querent wants to know about their sex life, this card ensures a higher type of sexuality.  The Temperance nature is in harmony with itself, it's eyes aren't bigger than it's stomach.  Overindulgence isn't on the menu.  Desire is equal to Passion is equal to Orgasmic Delight.  Reciprocity is a key word for this image.

The image suggest that because there has been patience in choosing partners, or in choosing the correct timing for sex, the reward is more intense and satisfying orgasms and sensual pleasures.  This is the gourmand of love making.  Both crazy wild orgasms and small soft gentle orgasms will be enjoyed due to correct pacing and timing of the sexual pursuit.

--excerpted from ''The Sexual Key to the Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence

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Anonymous said...

WHat about the REVERSED Temperence Card...or any other card reversed?

Shannon Rae said...
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Shannon Rae said...

Hey there anonymous, for the sexual key to the tarot, I don't do Reversed meanings for the the Major Arcana, but there are meanings for the Reversed of the Minor Arcana. For normal readings I always use reversals, often it makes the reading better. But doing a sexual reading, the Major image is the Major image.