Friday, September 16, 2011

Sexual Key To The Tarot: 7 OF CUPS

Vivid sexual imagination; fantasies of extortionate orgasms and hypersexual partners; fantasies of prolific penises and vaginas; superhuman sexual properties ascribed to mere humans; dreams of sexual mastery; also, sexual knowledge obtained through contemplation of sexual organs, copulation, and their meaning; also, past visions of sexual joy have not brought peace but the future holds deep and beautiful sexual experiences.  There's also the idea of sexual temptation where the consequences outweigh the reward.

Reversed:  Visionary sexuality will not come to pass; excessive masturbation leads to failure in healthy sexual relationships; vital passion spilled through masturbatory overindulgence; wasted orgasm; weak ejaculation; poor climax; also, impotence due to undermining thoughts of evil and violent sexual practices.

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