Friday, June 3, 2011

HD: Living Your Design

I began taking the Living Your Design (LYD) course last week and now I understand why it's recommended for beginners.  Truly, if you are interested in HD and you have a million questions, it's best to start learning it from the beginning.  It seems obvious, but I know it took me long enough to get started on formally taking the courses.

At first, I suppose the price kept me away.  I've found that if you write to Human Design America, or wherever you decide to take these beginner courses, and let them know your financial situation, they will work with you.  Just ask and you can receive.  That's what I did and after a 6 year wait, now I'm taking the course.  It's a shame too that I waited so long to just ask about payments, because if you are under 30, there's a discount.  So, I missed out on that by 2 years, lol.  (Also, there's a discount if you are a Projector, no matter the age)

There is so much to learn about our unique designs and the designs of those we interact with everyday and Human Design is set up so that we can all enjoy what it offers!

Human Design America: Human Design Courses

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