Friday, March 4, 2011

Human Design: Manifestor Strategy

To Inform 
written by Chetan Parkyn and Carola Eastwood

Manifestors are the great catalysts in life. Wherever you go and whomever you meet, you are a trigger and cause for activity. Because it is impossible for you not to have an effect on people, everyone around you will feel a great compulsion into some form of activity in your presence....or they could choose to deliberately sit back and let you do everything for them! With your Manifestor Design, you seem to effortlessly catalyze results, then wonder why everyone else has such difficulty getting things done!

Everywhere you go, whether you realize it or not, you catalyze people into action. You are the root cause of action, the driving force. If you are reading this and thinking, “well that sounds great, but I’m not very good at it”, read on.....The purpose of learning about your Human Design, besides becoming more aware of yourself and others, is to take back your power and authority!

Moving at what can seem like light speed to accomplish goals, Manifestors are dynamos, and the accomplishments that you take for granted can attract either great admiration or jealousy from others. The difficulty for you is that, from a very young age, your energy is met with either subtle or overt resistance from others. People can feel themselves threatened by your seemingly uncontrollable energy; therefore, a large amount of your time can be spent diffusing interference from others. However, if you learn how to inspire others to work with you rather than against you, you then bring the full scope of your tremendous energy to bear in any endeavor.

As a Manifestor baby, as soon as you learned to crawl, you were off! Everywhere! When you learned to walk, your parents most likely had the hardest time trying to restrain you from your attempts to constantly explore the whole world and everything and everyone in it. As a Manifestor you are naturally designed “to do,” to make things happen, so blocking you is always going to upset your nature.

There is one important and startling fact, the knowledge of which can transform your whole life: While you are a “doer”, capable of doing anything at anytime from your own inner volition, others are not. Most people require a stimulus from their environment before they can act effectively; for instance, something to respond to, or an invitation.

Please try to understand that people feel threatened by Manifestors; they feel left out because they can only guess what you are going to do next, and this keeps most of the population slightly off balance around you. You are a natural catalyst wherever you are. Something we all know at a very subtle, non-verbal, level, is that Manifestors can quite easily turn our world upside down. Subsequently, you, as a Manifestor may be resented and blocked in your efforts to do even simple things. This can make you really angry or cause you to shut down, as your natural “doing” nature is being obstructed and deliberately held up.

There is a solution for you, and this is an important Strategy for your Type: Simply let people know what you are about to do. As a Manifestor “informing” others of what you are about to do may be the last thing you want to even consider. “Why should I tell anyone anything? Why can’t they just let me be and get out of my way?” But, you will find that even a small bit of information about your intentions for someone who is not a Manifestor can be a huge relief for them. This simple action allays other people’s fears, helps them feel included, and actually encourages their support.

For example, rather than simply marching out the door, try telling your roommate, “ Hey, I’m going out for a walk!” This will help people feel safe around you, enlisting their support rather than resistance. By giving a little information, suddenly, you will find an immense freedom to move effectively in your life while catalyzing agreement and cooperation from others.

We realize that what we are saying here may seem difficult, but try to see others’ point of view and how threatened they might feel that you can do anything at any time and they are not ready for it. Because of your Manifestor Design you have a relentless, compulsive, insistent, driving energy that is constantly finding ways to express itself. Others are not Designed in this way!

As a Manifestor, it will be immeasurably helpful to realize that regardless of your life circumstances, you always trigger other people. If you can pause long enough to see the bigger picture, you will find that you do not need to be constantly avoiding or pushing others out of your way to get things done in life! When you perceive you are being obstructed in going about your life, you have three choices:

You can get incensed and try to push your way through.
You can give up and stew in your own resentment.
Or, you can inform the obstructers of some of your intentions.

By informing others, you will not only be allowed to pass freely, but also get support and offers of company in your endeavors by the very people who had been blocking you. After all, it can be fun hanging out with you, the Manifestor! Accompanying a Manifestor, who knows what may happen next?

Just having a Manifestor Design does not automatically imply that your activities are creative, or even positive! Creativity requires clear intent. Even though your manifesting feats look amazing, you are not infallible. You might manage to do things more easily than other people can, but if you cause chaos by your activities, that is not necessarily making yours or anyone else’s life more pleasant. Hitler was a Manifestor, and he certainly catalyzed action! On the other had, you can be an enormous force for good. The manifestor, Al Gore, spearheaded an unprecedented worldwide crusade for environmental awarenss!

Regardless of our Human Design Type, as children, we are all influenced by our environment, parents and educators. It is possible that you have been discouraged and blocked from manifesting from an early age by people around you, because they had no idea of what you would do next and felt constantly vulnerable.

Another possibility for you as a Manifestor is that you find yourself expected to constantly fetch and carry for everyone around you without ever finding fulfillment or purpose for your own life. People simply find your manifesting ability to be very “useful,” and you may have unconsciously agreed to go along with their expectations of you. When you examine how this plays out in your life, you will see that although things do, indeed, get done, no one really benefits in the long run. You pick up and carry people and their problems, and in doing so actually deprive them of the opportunity to manage for themselves. It is a little like being a lifelong parent for a lifelong child, and can end up angry and resentful.

We have met more than a few truly disempowered Manifestors who have been so conditioned by others that they simply give their power away. Learning about your Manifestor nature will empower you live true to your nature and be the powerful, driving force that nature intended. The world truly needs you, and it needs you awake, empowered, and fully engaged as a manifestor!

Are you one of those Manifestors with only a mild understanding of how capable you are? Do you now realize that you can do things at leisure that other people with different Types of Design cannot?

As a Manifestor, you have a huge responsibility to be clear about to whom and to what you will lend your manifesting abilities. Sometimes a commitment can mean a lifelong responsibility.

So, the question: if you always have such a strong effect on people, how do get you clear about whom to be around? Since you catalyze people into activity, to whom will you give your manifesting abilities?

Knowing in advance and having the inner assurance to stand aside from those situations that will fail to satisfy you, or give you a sense of peace, is enormously empowering. Confidently picking up on those particular situations where you can contribute wholeheartedly and benefit yourself and others, will transform your whole life. The key is in knowing the benefits and limitations of your Manifestor Design:

• People are silently frightened of your manifesting ability.

• You can fail to realize the uniqueness of your own power to “do” and expect others to have the same ability.

• You can be impatient for others to get out of your way so you can perform, alienating those who could otherwise perhaps assist.


• You have the amazing capacity to catalyze action.

• When you learn to include others, you can inspire a cooperative team of helpers.

• You have constant access to a uniquely powerful drive that creates results!

As you comprehend your particular Type of Rave Chart and how it works for you in your own unique way, you will find that life starts to take on a whole new meaning. It begins to “click”, or make sense to you. With this knowledge, in a world of myriad potential opportunities constantly presenting themselves, you are able to clearly identify the options that work for you.

-I'm curious how much the term ''Energy'' is stressed when referring to Manifestor's since they do not have a defined Sacral center. Where is this energy coming from? Or is it not coming in the same way? What are the sleep habits of Manifestor's?


Anonymous said...

This essay is extremely well written. Your points are powerful and well made. I am a Manifestor and have been trying to get a handle on what my strategy for awhile now and this is by far the best synopsis I have read to date. This sentence in particular implies the problem and lays out the goal and solution to my Manifestor dilemma. “Confidently picking up on those particular situations where you can contribute wholeheartedly and benefit yourself and others, will transform your whole life.” Thanks for making things clearer for me.

Best regards,
Paul Morris

Anonymous said...

Thank you Shannon for bringing the clear information. as a manifestor I have been introduced to this fact just days ago. still wondering how and what to do with this, but what you brought is a great start.

Elisa Gallagher said...

Thank you Shannon! Very clear information. I am a 5/1 emotional manifestor and im still amazed at when I inform or tell a friend I am or want to do something it becomes a lot easier. And sometime it hard because i have felt that people can get in my way when I want to do something but the maical difference is that something actually marerializes when I inform or let others know. Still working this out. Thanks again!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha! I'm a manifestor and I have been called Hitler and self centered at some point in my life.I know my intentions are grand full of love and peaceful. I love this world I was born in and always expect others to feel the same way. One more stepping stone to bring love out of all of us!!! I see everyone as a potential Budha or Jesus!!!! we just need to practice, practice....LOVE

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Shannon!
I am an emotional manifestor, 5/1. I think the greatest challenge for me is to have a clear direction on what to do. I'm pretty good at communicating with others although it took a while to develop this skill. But I have to say, I love my design so very much! I love people too, extremely! And my call in this world is to testify about what I know and bring change to those who are ready. One more thing, although we have the great gift to be able to take action, it's really not our call what to take action on. Finding that Truth is of immense freedom and virtue since it is only then that our action can be fruitful and a reason of peace and fulfillment.