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Human Design: Generator Strategy

This is from the free report section of Human Design For Us All. By Chetan Parkyn

You will notice your Rave Chart has a red square center in the lower middle of the chart. This means your Sacral Center is activated. Your defined Sacral Center is literally the generator of Life Force Energy that propels you to energize all aspects of living. You produce pure life-force energy within you every moment of your life! It may surprise you to know that not everyone has this capacity. What does this mean for you? Well, one thing we know for sure is that you are an enormously busy person, always ‘on”, ready for action from daylight to dawn! The great question for every Generator, is, “to what and to whom shall I commit this indefatigable energy?”

Your life force energy is not a manifesting energy, and is therefore not designed to commit to anything and everything wholesale. As a Generator, yours is a responsive energy and herein lays your dilemma: Yes, you have a great resource of energy, but no, you cannot unleash that energy wholesale towards anything and everything and automatically expect to find fulfillment..... You are almost guaranteed to find frustration and exhaustion unless you are really careful in how you utilize this energy.

With your Generator Design you find that once you commit yourself to someone or something, you are compelled to finish what you started. If you jump into an endeavor and later find that it does not suit you, it is often too late to change, and you discover that you must complete, or at least attempt to complete, what you started. Quitting, for you, is never a good option. In fact, you never like to quit, never give up, and never surrender. From dawn to dusk and into the night, you keep on “keeping on”, until sometimes you literally collapse from exhaustion. You have the most amazing sustaining energy! No one, except other Generators can hope to keep up with you. Think of Madonna, and you will begin to get the idea. If you are not experiencing this continued pulse of life force energy compelling you into action, it can only be because you are physically no healthy, or you have been conditioned since childhood to live in a way that is counter to your natural energy, and you have depleted yourself. Knowledge of your Human Design can help you to regain your vital spark.

The greatest, most important, and most constant question for you is, “How do I know when to commit my considerable energies?”

There are two options in the way you complete your day: One, when you put your head on the pillow and say: “I’m exhausted, burned out, finished....I don’t even know why I bothered getting up today. Nothing worked out satisfactorily. It was all one gigantic hassle........just shoot me!”

Or, two, when you put your head on the pillow and say: “I’m exhausted but exhilarated! Wow! What a day! All kinds of things happened, I’m tired, but I’ m really complete and fulfilled with everything.” Once you comprehend the workings of your Design correctly, you will continuously experience the second scenario.

Think about the implications of this in your life for a moment... if you continually commit to activities and people who fail to bring you fulfillment, how happy will you be in life? How fulfilling will your work be over the years? Your relationships? The secret to a life that works lies in making right choices. It all really comes down to committing to the right situations and interactions in your life.

So, how do you know to what and to whom to commit your energy? Here’s an important Key for you: Although you may not be aware of it, as a Generator, you have one of the most amazing inbuilt guidance systems that Existence has provided for anyone: that of the Sacral or “gut” response! This “gut” response comes from the lower belly and can either come in the form of a sound, or can be experienced as an internal rising or falling of energy that happens in response to whatever life offers you. The sound can be heard “Uh-huh!” (“Yes!”) or, “Un-un!” (“No!”)

The gut response can come in a natural way to someone asking you a question to which there is only a “yes” or “no” reply, for instance: “Can I ask for your help with something?” Or, “Do you want to go out with me?” Or, “Would you like me to prescribe you this medicine?” Such questions have an implied “yes” or “no” response.
Your gut response can also come in reply to an inner musing as to whether to commit yourself to something or not. For instance, if you are sitting in a restaurant, looking down a menu and sensing an inner, “ uh-huh!” gut response to something being offered there, that may be the healthiest and most satisfying thing for you to eat; or glimpsing a photo of Hawaii and having a huge gut response:“Uh-huh!” indicating a clear energetic interest in a potential vacation.

Your Sacral Center has a response mechanism that comes from the lower belly. Life Force has its own intelligence; it knows exactly what is right for you and what is not. It is a pure energetic response. It does not involve itself with philosophy, politics, religion or anything outside itself. Your sacral response is pure, raw intelligence that you were born with. But, it is an intelligence that, from an early age, has most likely been diverted through conditioning. You might have been told, “Don’t make those noises, use words!” or, “Think about what you are doing!” or “come on, it will be fun!” In this way, your amazing source of energy has been diverted towards things that for the most part do not suit you at all.

You have probably been put through a schooling process in which you were instructed to use your mind to make decisions, and this is just one way the natural intelligence of your Life Force has been bypassed. It is not that your mind is not clever, it is just that it is always split, it could choose one way or another, logical or otherwise. The thinking function is meant to register, access, and store data, but your wisdom and inner guidance cannot be found there. Your gut response is clear and decisive.

As a Generator you are caught in a potentially difficult situation: you have a continuous stream of Life Force energy available to you, but to date, you have probably become conditioned to work with people and ideals that do not necessarily bring you personal fulfillment. Now you can reclaim your own natural and direct relationship with Existence. Whenever something is offered to you, you have your own immediate gut response to tell you whether you have an energetic interest in it or not. So, if you have found yourself frustrated in life and earnestly seek to find personal fulfillment in everything you do, you are about to have your life changed for once and for all. Here is your instruction:

Pay attention to your gut response.

The very simple, yet profoundly important Key for you is, Wait until you feel a response! Your whole journey though life is fulfilled by paying attention to your gut response. “Uh-huh!” = “Yes!” or “un-un!” = “No!” These sounds give an instant clue as to whether to follow through with something or someone or not.

This sound is simply saying, either: “Yes, I have Life Force energy that is showing an interest for this endeavor.” Or, “No, this is not something that I will commit my considerable energy towards!” It is an instantaneous energetic (and not a mental) response that you might easily overlook. It is a process that your educated mind might say is way too simple, and yet it is wholly relevant for you.

If you are being confronted by something and you are not getting any gut response, simply wait! Maybe the timing is not right, or whatever is being offered is meant for someone else. Remember, you have spent your whole life committing to people and things simply because you have generated life-force energy to offer, not necessarily because you were going to be taken into experiences that bring you fulfillment!

Here’s a fascinating experiment: Try listening out for those people in your world who give you the chance to have a gut response to whatever they are offering before they expect you to commit to them. Whether it is “yes” or ‘no”, notice what happens when you follow your immediate gut response.

Alternatively, be alert for those people who unwittingly or not, bypass your gut response in order to try and get you to “work” for them. They might approach you with an intellectual question that you can easily answer but which does not allow you to get your gut response first to see if you have energy for it or them or not. Notice what happens in your life when you go along with something without having engaged your life-force energy. Not feeling very fulfilled?

Appreciate the non-Generator’s point of view: This may seem nearly impossible, but, can you imagine the sensation of not having the sustaining energy to do just about anything? Can you see how someone might try to persuade you to do everything for them, if they can somehow get you to commit yourself?

• People can take advantage of your seemingly limitless energy.
• Once you set your energy in motion it is difficult to switch gears, which can leave you energetically “stuck in a rut”. You can have a hard time stopping and relaxing.
• Current models in society do not support your trusting an innate “gut response”.
• Once you stop an activity, you can have a difficult time revving your energy back up – you will regularly need something to respond to in order to get going.

• You are literally a powerhouse, capable of sustaining energy for activities long past anyone else’s fatigue point.
• You have the simplest and most accessible avenue to your own truth and clear decision making.
• You are continually flooded with life force energy which, when you stop and tune into it, is blissful beyond description.
• By carrying the essence of life force energy with you, you seed the potential for accomplishment wherever you go.

Just because someone needs something, or because something needs to get done, it does not automatically mean that it has your name on it! Listen to your gut response, follow it, and set your world to rights. Watch how your appropriate interactions ripple into the world around you and everyone with whom you interact. Notice how fulfilled and satisfied you feel at the end of the day.
This one simple Key unlocks the true story of your life...the one you were meant to live!

Also, other people in your life are most likely Manifestors, Manifesting Generators, Projectors or perhaps even Reflectors, so it can be very helpful for you to learn about the nature of all five Types. When you read the charts of your family, friends, and associates to discover their Human Design, you begin to truly understand the significant people in your life, and how to best interact with their unique nature!


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