Monday, February 21, 2011

Human Design: Sacral Sex Design

The Sacral Center and the Movement of Life Force, "Sex" energy by Chetan Parkyn

In Human Design, the Sacral Center is seen as the Sex center, the powerhouse, the "Generator" and source of Life Force Energy. Just like a mechanical generator, at the outset, the Sacral Center takes time to gather momentum, but once its energy is applied, it keeps on going, supplying and relinquishing its life force energy into whatever it is being directed. For a "Generator" in Human Design, the most important thing for them is to be clear they are engaging their energies into activities and with people that are really suited to them.
The Sacral Center has 9 differing gates emanating from it and 11 differing ways in which its energies can be unleashed. Sacral, Life Force, Sexual energy has a multiplicity of expressions.

The Root - Sacral, Format Connections

The Root Center in the body graph provides the place from which we receive the impulse to regenerate. Adrenaline energy, from the root center, is supplied to the Sacral center through one or more of three different channels, accenting the mode in which the sacral center will operate. The Root Center is associated with stress and an "adrenalized" Sacral center can operate ceaselessly. Again, it is so important that Generators apply their energies to those things to which they get a clear personal response. If you have one or more of these channels in your design, you are the one who provides the impetus to what is going to happen sexually in your relationship.

The Spleen - Sacral, Caring Connections
The Spleen Center, biologically the immune system, relates to the area of health and well-being for the human body. Sacral energy connecting into the Spleen provides Life Force energy into everything relating to caring. Sacral, Sex energy when applied to caring increases or depletes the life force of those to whom it is applied. It happens frequently in human relations that there can be confusion in how "caring" and "sexual" approaches are interpreted. The source of the energy is the same, the sacral center, but the intent is very different energetically. If you have one of these channels in your design, you care. Sex is an option!

The Throat - Sacral, Manifesting Connection
In Human Design, the channel 20 - 34, the channel of Charisma, provides direct access between the source of Life Force energy and the Throat, the place of manifestation. Inevitably, anyone who has this channel in their design tends to be constantly in motion and it is of utmost importance for them to direct their energies to people and activities which are right for them, rather than frittering away their precious life-force energy into needless activities. If you have this channel in your design, you might find yourself too busy doing other things to stop and have sex!

The Self - Sacral, "Tantric" Connections
There are 4 channels connecting between the Sacral center and the Self center. The Self center, in terms of Human Design, is seen as the seat of the soul., the place from where we are guided in our lives by Existence, by our Higher Self. When sacral, sex energy rises to the self center, there is the inherent possibility of transmutation. In other words, sexual energy can be streamed into superconsciousness, base metal transformed to gold, as in the teachings of tantra. Conversely, when the energy falls and the Self pours its energy into sex, the gold gathers dross. The key to tantric, transmutational energy is timing, and anyone who has one or more of these channels in their design has an inner sense of timing to which they are naturally attuned with their sacral response. Transformation through the play of Sexual energy is a part of life. If you have one of these channels in your design....the heavens are the limit! (But hell also could be on your map!)

The Emotional - Sacral, Sex Connection

In Human Design biology, when it comes to sex, its expressions can be found in the most obvious forms in the Emotional, Solar-Plexus center. Emotions are involved in everything to do with pleasure, whether is be food, sex, or excitement, and yet, the emotional center is the biggest mystery for all humans. Often, people are dissuaded from evaluating their emotions on any pretext because emotional sensitivities are perceived as perhaps "unstable" or "unmanly." As a result, many people have apparent problems with their eating habits and their association with natural sex. And yet, it is the emotions which align us with everything that is truly "human." There is an increasing obsession in the world with food and sex to the point where each of us has to resolve from within our self, exactly how it relates to us through our emotions

The Emotional Center operates in a wave motion, cycling through highs of hopes, expectations and delights, to lows of pain, disaster and despondency...and back again! Sex, in its expression, will always, when left to its own devices, follow the same pattern, from lows to highs and back again. (There are those who can transmute sexual energy, through tantric techniques, so that the energy remains on a high.)

The Procreation Cake Mix

The Channel 59 - 6, between the Sacral and Emotional centers, is the channel of intimacy and procreation. The 59 provides the role for intimacy and the 6 either accepts or avoids the intimacy. In biological terms, the 59 gives us a genetic strategy, expressed in our outward behavior so that we can attract a mate who has a suitable gene match, in the 6, for healthy procreation to take place! The genes are not concerned with the personalities involved in the slightest, they just want a gene match, so by a strange trick of the genes, we are often brought into relationship purely to satisfy procreation! We might feel aggrieved at this, considering the genes to be "having their way with us," but in Design terms, providing one enters into the relationship according to one's type, fulfillment is assured.

If you have the 59 - 6 channel in your design, you are always penetrating other people's emotional field and they might feel "invaded," but they will certainly have the opportunity to experience intimacy. Also, in your own life you are likely to be extremely fertile. (personally, my 59-6 is activated by gate 2, which I was recently told means that I may not be that fertile. Fine by me)


Liinu said...

Loving your articles, thank you.
Could you please explain what you mean by "my 59-6 channel is activated by gate 2"?
is this to do with specific planets..? didn't know there were connections like this.

Lilach Lavy said...

Great one, thanks!