Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Just wanted to look into what kind of day today will be, so here's this simple 3-card spread. What I have planned for today, my first Valentine's Day as a newlywed, is pretty simple but very nice. The gift I have for my husband is something he's really wanted for a while, but would never actually indulge himself with. I ordered this insanely expensive coffee, Jamaica Blue Mountain, which he's talked about for years now. And even though I think it may be a disappointment after reading the reviews of it, I know it's something he's going to love. He's going to be very very surprised, I cannot wait for him to get home from work!

I suppose that would be myself as the Queen of Pentacles then, providing food and indulgence...and she has flowers on the would be lovely if BoB came home with flowers.

The other two cards seem to indicate a new phase of life entirely, the Ace of Wands beside The Fool...weird, didn't think today would be that awesome. And I wonder if I might get a surprise of my own somehow? Because of the Fool card.

Also, the undertone of these three cards together is pregnancy. Just thought I'd put that in here even though I know I'm not looking to get pregnant...

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