Friday, January 28, 2011

Should I or Shouldn't I Reading

Tarot is a great means of looking out for what may happen when you've come to a decision. It's also wonderful for making the decision in the first place. The biggest issue when looking to the Tarot for answers is how to ask the question. How we ask the question will help us to understand the answer that the Tarot can provide. When going to a skilled professional reader, look for someone who can help you formulate your questions.

As an example, my brother was telling me today that he thinks he's narrowed down where he wants to study Hermetic Magic, now he just wants to look into whether or not this is the best place to learn. If this is the best value for the money.

I've chosen to do a reading that asks, ''What will happen if he decides to study with Rufus Opus?'' and ''What will happen if he decides to pass on this teacher?''

4 Card Simple Answer Spread

''What will happen if he decides to study with Rufus Opus?''

1. What is happening: 2 of Pentacles

2. Answer to question: XIII Transition (Death)

3. Guidance, advice: 4 of Cups

4. What will happen: Knight of Swords Rx

On first glance I'm seeing really negative images if you study with Rufus Opus. But let me break it down, it's not all bad, but...

First, there is the matter of the Knight of Swords Rx...this is a person who is opposed to your plans and wants to fight about it. It's the image of a sly, dishonest and untrustworthy individual. If you go forward with this course work, this is the kind of individual with whom you may get involved. The image can also represent a highly intellectual and usually well-educated person, with a rapid fire mind and a great capacity for abstract thinking. He produces ideas with astonishing speed, but often moves on too quickly to follow through or elaborate on them. He is an exhausting challenge, this is the best way I can put it. The worst way I can put it is, RUN!

The 2 of Pentacles is an instigator of change, and it shows that you are ready for change in your life because there is stagnation. Something is demanding to be broken down and made over. And this card is beside the Death card...furthering the image that something in your life needs to die off. Perhaps you are ready for a fight? The 4 of cups shows where the stagnation is in your life. Things are going very well for you at the moment, so well in fact that there can be an amount of complacency or ennui. But you already realize this and it's why you are looking for a new spiritual practice. These cards combined with your question, seem to say that if you study here there will be a lot of resistance. You will have to change things that you may not want to at this point in your life.

If you decide to study with Rufus Opus be prepared for a significant change! In fact, some negative forces may enter the scene. This change leads to endings and people who oppose you.

Maybe you just need more time to feel out Rufus Opus first and decide if he's the best teacher? See what else is out there for you first, or get a reading from him and decide if you like his style. I'm not going to warn you off of this course of action without seeing for yourself if this is the best value for you. Also, you may want to write to him and let him know you are interested in taking a course with him, but you'd like to hear from previous students of his first. Try to get some testimonials before committing to his 15 week course.

''What will happen if he decides to pass on this teacher?''

1. What is happening: 0 The Fool

2. Answer to question: 3 of Wands Rx

3. Guidance, advice: IX The Hermit

4. What will happen: 9 of Wands

On first glance, I see wands. These are images of enthusiasm and energy! Very positive.

If you decide not to use his course, obviously, you will be at a zero point--The Fool--all over again, and need to decide which direction to take your curiosities. What I'm seeing for you is a lot of good luck if you decide not to study with Rufus Opus, The Fool shows where our luck is headed and for you I'm seeing that if you don't study with this guy, this is maybe the best thing for you---at the moment anyway.

I will urge you to find a course of study along the lines you've chosen. If you don't go with Rufus, find someone else! The 3 of Wands Rx show that your talents and skills are being wasted if you are not studying Hermetic magic. Yes, you are back to the drawing board, but find someone you want to work with.

The guidance card here warns that you are not taking your own advice in some way. Look within to find the answer that the Hermit wants to teach you.

Overall what will happen for you deals with the image of the 9 of Wands. You are able to maintain control of your interests. You will use discretion in the forthcoming venture of finding the class that will help you most. This card is confirmation that things are going well so far, and you should take the time to hear what others have to say. Again, I sense this has to do with finding testimonials for any future course you take. Talk to other students. Hold on to what you believe, you have the strength to see it through. You have the knowledge and the ability to persevere until you find the right class that meets your needs.

The two main images in this spread have to do with self-reliance (Hermit and 9 of Wands), and I sense this means more research is in need before you commit to the course you've found.


polyphanes said...

So, all told, I should reconsider taking courses from RO lest I radically restructure my life. That might not be a bad thing, but seeing as how I'm operating under somewhat restricted conditions right now (college loans, probationary period at work, still acclimating to the area, etc.), I'd rather encourage settling than shifting. I guess the resistance implied in the first reading comes from this, or at least the fear of unhandleable change.

Given that the readings indicate I should go ahead and study Hermetic magic, but I'd likely be overwhelmed by this teacher or its workload, would you suggest I work independently for now instead of taking formal classes (cf. the Hermit)? It's a less guided and I'd prefer to have a teacher at least to encourage myself to keep up with lessons, but there are forums I could ask for help or pointers on if I'm pressed for a magical community. I guess I'll need to contemplate what needs contemplating over the next week or so.

Continuous But Plural said...

Self-Reliance is the major theme of the second reading, The Fool, The Hermit, and The 9 of Wands. Even the fact that the 3 of Wands is reversed, indicating no outside help at this time, echos that sentiment. Yes, working on your own is advisable at this time.

I am curious though what would happen if you decided to work with RO. Would he give you testimonials? Find out.

More research is warranted at this time.

Rufus Opus said...

Feh, he's been a great student, and the only bad shit he's had to deal with is me getting the lessons out in a timely manner. That I know of.

Although the "highly intellectual and usually well-educated person, with a rapid fire mind and a great capacity for abstract thinking. He produces ideas with astonishing speed, but often moves on too quickly to follow through or elaborate on them." part is accurate enough. Mercury in Gemini, what can I say.

Shannon Rae said...

IRL, the situation all came true....he needed to wait until things in his personal life DIED off before beginning coursework with you. The imagery had more to do with timing when he started than not starting with you. I'm so glad he did end up studying with's been very very useful for him.