Friday, January 7, 2011

Page of Cups, Judgment, 5 of Wands

1. Page of Cups

2. XX Judgment Rx

3. 5 of Wands Rx

Oooh, a text message that's all sweet from my husband, Page of Cups...looks good. And, I just started working out and eating healthier for the New Year, and what shows up whenever I start doing this, XX Judgment Rx....Guilt, guilt of my corporeal form. That's what this card says to me, and it always shows up when I start agonizing about my weight.

Haven't had a fight with my husband, or anyone, so the 5 of Wands being reversed is appropriate, although it usually foretells of picking up the pieces after a fight. May have to do with my renewed energy and confidence for doing phone sessions with my company The Psychic Power Network.

And if I add the numbers of this reading together, the 5 plus the 20 (I've learned that it's accepted to not include the people cards) I get the number 7. So, my summary card is VII The Chariot. This looks great! I feel very focused and energized in many ways all around...changing my diet, my exercise routine, and getting back to the phone service! I am going places today.

And let me say again, I encourage any questions, comments, suggestions, and anyone else's tarot interpretations!

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