Monday, December 27, 2010

Sexuality Spread

1. The way I perceive my own appearance
2. That's how I think I appear to the opposite sex
3. That's how I really appear
4. Advice for making a better impression
5. My relation to sexuality

6. The way I enjoy it
7. My off-limits
8. My special fetish
9. My unfulfilled wish
10. Advice how to fulfill this wish

11. My inhibitions
12. Reason for them
13. Advice how to deal with them
14. Advice how my partner may help me

I've just discovered this spread over at and decided to try it out. I usually don't go for huge spreads like this, but it seemed fun. Time to whip out my favorite tarot book, ''The Sexual Key To The Tarot'' by Theodor Laurence.

The way I perceive my own appearance is loving and possibly in relation to how my partner thinks of me. How I think I appear to the opposite sex is represented by the 3 of Wands, I guess I look helpful? Or shit, needy? Like I want help? Like I'm frustrated?

How I really appear is shown by II High Priestess, like I am very deep. Very deep and mysterious. A ''dream girl.'' Geographically symbolized, sexual gratification is ''up,'' sexual frustration is ''down.'' The crown that she wears with the horns on either side pointing upward (phallic symbols) indicates her mental awareness of the needs of male phalli. It is this penile awareness which makes her the ''perfect woman,'' she who is cognizant of all the sexual facts of life, ''a girl after one's own heart.'' She exists in all women once they recognize their true sexual role in a man's life.

On her breast is a large solar cross...This emblem symbolizes the sanctification of the ''heart,'' from whence comes her uninhibited sexual expression and free spirit in her sexuality with men of her choice; where ''sin'' does not exist. In love she will utilize her sexual knowledge, ardent passion, and her vagina consecutively or simultaneously with ''all her heart,'' and the man in her life will know complete and gratifying sexual ecstasy.

In her hands, inscribed with the word ''TORA,'' is a scroll partly covered by her robe...That the scroll is partly concealed implies that her sexuality is only partly objectified. The complete woman is not evident simply because she induces sexual pleasure. The scroll (phallus), half hidden, signifies that a man who is true to her, who has won her ''heart,'' will find in her, via the path of her objectified free and open sexuality, deeper and unforeseen delights.
As for the word ''Tora,'' this and and the word ''penis'' each vibrate, numerologically, to 9, the mystical number denoting completeness, fulfillment.

She is seated between two pillars, one dark and one light...the symbolization is threefold. One, like the half hidden scroll, the dark and light pillars (phalli) represent the secret and the obvious respectively, the two aspects of her total sexuality. Two, as symbols of erected, sexually-charged phalli, the two pillars signify her acceptance of man and his penis without discrimination, yet another indication of her free spirit in sexual matters. Three, the bloomed, flowering heads of the pillar-phalli are portents. They symbolize her promise of eruptive and violent orgasms for men with whom she cohabits.

Her dress is flowing and gauzy..these represent continuity of sexual expression.

Her garment is blue...signifying radiant emanation of mind, spirit, and body, each of which or all of which insure sexual fulfillment.

She represents to the Querent the perfect woman all hetero men dream about and long for, the woman who can satisfy their sexual desires far beyond their wildest thoughts. She intuitively knows the value to a man of a loving and sexually expressive female who can gratify him. She is the spirit of motherhood and is associated with the earth from which all things flow. A woman of the High Priestess-nature will please a man in every way she can, barring no sexual activity. She does not recognize sexual perversion, ''sin'' does not exist for her where love is concerned.

Advice for making a better impression is shown by the Queen of Swords Rx. Um, yeah, reign it in a bit. After all that High Priestess imagery, I can come across as this Queen Rx say, suppress some of that desire...possibly a better impression may be a sense of false virginity, false chastity.

My relation to sex is shown by the King of I don't really understand the meaning of this placement in the first place. I was going to leave this position out...but left it in for some reason even though I don't understand what it's trying to point out, I mean, ''relation to sex?'' I relate to it with a man because I'm heterosexual?

The way I enjoy it is like the Queen of Wands. Fuck yeah I do! I really get into it!

My off-limits: 3 of Swords Rx....I suppose getting back together with ex-boyfriends. Um, yeah, that's appropriate since I just got married. I was wondering what would possibly show up in this position...since I'm up for just about any act. So this feels right.

My special fetish, Page of Swords Rx. He may represent a dark communication, but not an unwelcome one...dirty talk. Absolutely.

My unfulfilled wish, 7 of Wands Rx. Let's see, the 7 of Wands Rx has to do with plumbing my own depths. Dispelling fear because peace is near...Having a position that is stronger than I think, don't let anyone take advantage of me or my insecurities. My unfulfilled wish is to not be indecisive, to not hesitate. It's to have more patience, not to make unwise decisions, or feel threatened. Wow, that's pretty deep. I do normally feel insecure about sex, in the sense I always feel like I'm not getting enough sex. So I cling to what I do get, I always feel like it's going to run out somehow, I need to be having it often!!! Hmmm...this is a card I'm going to ponder for a bit, it's giving me something to really sit down and consider.

Advice how to fulfill this wish, IX Hermit Rx. Don't take my own, what? (I'm interpreting that in the traditional sense that when the Hermit comes up reversed it shows you the Querent isn't taking their own advice)

The Hermit lives in a world of attainment. He is not a seeker. He is not lost. Some have rendered the meaning of this card as such but they are in error. The Hermit has found what men seek. He has arrived. He is home. He is a knower. The light he carries is not used to find his own way. He stands upon a high place above the world. The light is for those who follow, that they may see where they are going. The Hermit's message is: That where I am, ye may also be. The staff, a phallic symbol, in his left hand does not relegate sexuality to oblivion as in the case of the Hierophant, but rather signifies that sexuality, once mastered, need no longer occupy a place of supreme importance.

The Hermit-nature, like the Charioteer, has attained sexual excellence, but not by conquest. Here is a lover of the 9th order who has tasted as much of sexual experience as the ferocious Charioteer, but whereas the he is demanding and mercurial in his sexual relations, the Hermit-nature is the gourmet who has given countless females sexual gratification. The Charioteer may bring a female to violent orgasm but the Hermit is capable of producing and maintaining a steady, even flux or orgasmic bliss in a female. The one gains merely sexual gratification, no matter how many women he fornicates, whereas the Hermit, gaining sexual satisfaction in process, also gains knowledge of female desires and insight into their sexual motivations and needs--the secret of his complacency.

The blue in his cap (traditional), which covers his mind symbolically, denotes the sexual knowledge which he possesses and applies effectively. The Hermit-nature need not brandish a conquering sword (the dominating penis), but may proceed through life secure in the knowledge of female needs and desires. He is content with the act that he can readily supply what women want, and more. Though his head is bowed, take note that his shoulders do not sag as though in defeat. The Hermit-nature is more than he appears to be. Beneath his cloak of humility is hidden the body of a 100% man. Masculinity and sexual prowess are at his beck and call, beneath his unassuming exterior. They come to the fore, wherever and whenever they are required. Any female in need of such will be more than satisfied.

The Hermit-nature is trustworthy, like the proverbial Dutch Uncle. The rampart, domineering Charioteer may not kiss and tell, but the fact of sexual conquest will show in his demeanor and often on his face, like the cat that ate the canary. But the Hermit-nature will never reveal anything. His countenance and bearing will conceal the fact of sexual escapades forever. This secretive quality greatly enhances the Hermit-nature's desirability. Secretiveness, coupled with his unassuming behavior, makes the Hermit-nature an ideal bed partner for love hungry housewives. The Hermit-nature is not unattainable, the true mystical meaning of the eminence and the beacon. The card says: What I know and experience, you also may know and experience.

In a reading this card means: Sexual enjoyment of the highest degree; attainment of libidinal knowledge; understanding of the needs and desires of the opposite sex; prudence in illicit affairs.

My inhibitions are represented by the 10 of Pentacles...I'm at a loss...I'm pretty uninhibited mostly...this cards represents to me family. And I guess that's one thing I'm scared to death about, getting pregnant...even though I'm 32 and currently have never even had one pregnancy scare...and my husband wants kids but I'm not sure if I'm ready at all...

Reason for the inhibitions, the 5 of Pentacles Rx...extremely wasteful expenditures...yeah sure, I've never made much money and it seems like such an overwhelming financial problem to have a child or children when I'm not making much money.

Advice how to deal with these inhibitions, the 3 of Pentacles Rx. Immaturity, lacking direction, not using abilities with does that help?

Advice how my partner may help me is the 7 of Swords Rx. Goddamn 7 of Swords, this card gets me because I can't really figure it out. I have nothing concrete on this card at all...he could help with counseling, getting me to ask for help? What?

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