Monday, December 13, 2010

9 Of Swords

XVIII The Moon Rx

Page of Cups

Looks like I'll have a lot on my mind, I'll be worried...about ?

The Moon Rx is telling me to be patient and not to let my imagination get the best of me, don't take any risks at this time and not to argue with any anyone, just be patient.

And the page indicates good news, probably no cause for worry at all anyway.


I woke up because BoB was texting me, Page of Cups. I don't know about that Moon Rx...still so fucking subtle for me...

The 9 of Swords did predict some bad dreams I had though...I was dreaming I was a various dream jobs without a shirt on. Gary Busey was there and learing at me and asking why I didn't have a shirt on...all I could say was I was depressed, then I found a bunch of clothes, like three dresses all layered on each other, it wasn't very pretty, but I'd still end up with out a shirt on, it was pretty embarrassing. Then I started getting harassed (the guy from ''Little Children'') was at Pop's Diner with me and I knew I was going to get raped if my boss didn't get rid of him, I has to explain to my boss the difference between Tolerance and Judgment, and how it isn't bad to use your Judgment, it's there to protect you and the ones you care about. I was trying to get him to get rid of the rapist. And there was a bunch of anxiety cooking dreams about Pop's mixed with Stephanie from Dick's, all the shitty jobs rolled together. And I was remembering how awesome I was at Toni's, how in control I was and on top of things, but how it just isn't like that anymore. I don't have anything together and nothing to call my own.

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