Friday, December 17, 2010

4 of Cups

I Magician Rx

Knight of Wands

4 of Cups, discontent, boredom; need of re-evalution. Couldn't care less what really happens. No motivation. Too much of a good thing, life too easy, just won't make the effort. Emotionally introverted, looking for a spiritual level of satisfaction. No one seems to understand. Could be a part in the offing that will help brighten things up...on Saturday is my mom's Christmas party. The Magician Rx is telling me to try harder..then there is the it me? Is it someone else? He speeds things up can get me going today.

I am really tired right now, it's 7:45 am and it's freezing outside. I took some nyquil late last night in order to go to sleep...after some frustrating sex with my husband. (he came too early, me not at all, even after a valiant effort.) Just need to get going, take some calls, make some money...


gaaa, I'm so slow in the morning. Maybe I shouldn't do a daily spread as soon as I wake up? I never seem to accurately predict my day anyway...well rarely, because I'm still half asleep.

The Knight of Wands was obviously my brother coming into town!

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